Many thanks to fostermom, Linnea, for her contributions to Kiki’s blog!

Keesha (Kiki) is a fabulous addition to our house. She is the most
relaxed bunny I have ever fostered and she is such a lap rabbit. She
will sit in my lap and have her ears massaged while I watch TV or do
homework. She is very low maintenance and gets along well with everyone.
She has literally never gone to the bathroom outside of her
cage and never bitten anyone or chewed on anything. I have even
accidentally left the top of her cage open for an hour or so and she
didn’t even try to escape. Everyone loves how beautifully natural she
is and how wild she looks. She has great strong legs and an adorable
white belly. The only thing she does that is different from the other
bunnies I have had regards her litter box. She sleeps in it instead of
doing her business in it. But she did designate a corner to do all of
her business so I just put a plastic bag under it for easy cleanup. A
few weeks ago, she became comfortable enough to eat right out of my
hand! Kiki is great and would make the perfect bunny for anyone!

Love Kiki and Linnea