March 2006

We, just yesterday, took home Pete to bond with our Eve. We aren’t actually calling him Pete now. We like the name Dorian, but we aren’t sure. I am referring to him as “New bun” or “Pete Jr.” My husband is Pete and so is my brother, so, as totally awesome as the name is, it ain’t going to work! Also, Pete sounds strangly like Eve to rabbit ears…Eve knows her name. We say “Eeeeve” or Eeeeviieee!” and she knows. “Pete” is the same sound. I honestly believe they learn their names. Do you think he will recognize “Dorian”? Is it too long?

Hmmm. We obviously aren’t too far into the process yet. I would love to hear other bonding stories, problems, successes so that I don’t think I am a bad bunny Mom. I think it is really important for people who are doing this to read about actual experiences and talk to those who are trying to do the same thing.

I feel bad because I accidentally tried to have a bonding session with them in non-neutral territory. I had no idea that Eve considered the ENTIRE livingroom as her own. So, she boxed him a bit and he was a bit traumatized; I feel awful because he just came yesterday! However, they did so well at Suzanne’s, there was grooming and all, so I think I can iron out this little wrinkle… We have done two quick bathtub sessions since the boxing incident. They both went fairly well…but not amazing.
-Rachel: HRN Member-

This weekend I got the chance to meet Ricochet, or Rick O’Shea as his foster-mom prefers. Rick is a sweet little boy with tons of energy and personality. While he loves to kick his heels up and run, he’s also got a lot of lap-bunny in him. As he was settling down in his new cage at Suzanne’s foster-home, he seemed rather calm and easy-going about the move. Many bunnies get stressed out by changes in their environment, but Rick didn’t seem to be phased. He spent some quality time sitting in my lap getting snuggles which he seemed to enjoy immensely. All in all, he’s a very happy and outgoing fellow with a lot to share with the world

Matt and I spent a couple hours this week volunteering by transporting Cheryl’s foster-bunnies Maxine, Travis, Picasso, & Rick O’Shea, to Suzanne’s house. Why the bun taxi, you ask? As various rabbits get adopted and find their homes, its imporant for both buns and foster-families that we keep an even balance at each home. When the bunnies rotate to a different foster-home, they might have the chance of being seen by a different group of potential adopters than they would have at their previous foster-home. This also makes sure that each foster-home has a reasonable number of bunnies for the foster-parents to care for without getting emotionally or physically exhausted by the daily needs of the rabbits. (Hey, you try cleaning, feeding, and caring for all those rabbits! Its a tough job and those who do it should be respected.) While there are always volunteers helping out at each of the foster homes, caring for these rabbits is still a 24 hour-a-day job.

There were multiple education events staged this weekend by volunteers from the House Rabbit Network. Among them, Cheryl, Melinda, and Shannon had these things to say about their ed days:

Cheryl & Melinda had a constant flow of questions from visitors to Especially For Pets in Westborough. Cheryl’s synopsis of the ed day was thus; “We might get another adoption a little later on. [based on this ed day] A nice man was intercepted when he chose a bag of food pellets that contained seeds/nuts as a “treat” for his bun. We made friends and he mentioned he was thinking of getting his little female bun a companion. Also, we spoke to the Manager and she is willing to sell our 2007 calendars in at least 2 of her 3 stores around the Xmas holidays so that will be future exposure. I encourage everyone to try at least 1 education day every few months. It only takes a couple hours of time and it definitely pays off for the buns.” Sounds like a productive day and a few more friends and allies gained.

Shannon was also busy running an ed day this weekend at Animal Spirit in Cambridge. “We have a potential new volunteer (90% positive she’ll be joining us). . . We had a few people take our card. One lady didn’t know buns could be spayed/neutered and she was very interested in learning more and took our card. Another asked if we’d be back soon because her friend is looking to adopt a bun. . . . Melissa and Susan (owners) want us back in about a month and would like to make us “regulars” there. . . They also want us there in the afternoon when it’s high traffic (and believe me, for such a small store, they get a lot of people). . . We got $10 in donations, but I have a feeling we would have gotten more if we stayed longer or were there during their busy time. So all in all, it seemed promising and has the potential to be a great Education Day location.”

Nigel should be the Poster Boy for adoptable rabbits. This young boy is an all black Mini-Lop with personality to spare. He will melt your heart in a matter of seconds if you interact with him!
Nigel LOVES attention. If you open his cage door, he will come right over to greet you and will “present” himself for pets. Nigel loves all kind of pets. Ear scratches, jaw line scratches, nose rubs, behind the ears and just plain old full body pets: they all make you his newest best friend.
He is immensely curious and loves to come out of his cage and play as well. This bunny has a lot of “playful puppy” in him. He loves to run, with lots of stops and starts that show off his quickness. His bunny jumps are something to behold. He can spring straight up a couple of feet in the air, while spinning himself in another direction and then land and dart off in a blur. Amazing stuff to watch. When he wants your full attention again, he will make a dramatic dive bomber flop against a wall. You won’t be able to help yourself; you’ll just have to give him lots of loving pets for the show he puts on for you.

We have been fostering Nigel for about a week now and we know he will make someone’s life better by his presence in it!

These two bunnies will definitely make you smile. They love to snuggle together when resting and take turns grooming one another’s head and ears.
Their personalities are definitely different but very much compatible. They both are very responsive and enjoy being petted. Snowy is a bit more reserved than Jacob, but definitely has a strong sense of curiosity and has a willingness to explore. Jacob is definitely outgoing and playful. His bunny dances are quite something to behold. He is larger than his partner Snowy, and you might think that her small size would make her the more athletic one, but he definitely changes that thinking! Both of them love to investigate new territory and love to “chin” lots of objects to mark the territory that they have explored.
Snowy might appear to be the “alpha” bun of this pair, but Jacob will show you that you’ve got to pass his inspection the first time you meet Snowy. He will definitely check you out the first time that you approach her. A quick sniff and a pet for him and you will be allowed to meet her Highness!

These two would make a great addition to a loving home.
-Tricia & Tom: HRN Members-

Starla is quite a bunny. Starla came to HRN from the MSPCA because her family was moving and couldn’t take her with them. On her very first night at her HRN foster home, she gave birth to four adorable babies! She has since weaned all her children, been spayed and is now looking for a new home to call her own.
She is a beautifully marked Holland Lop (her kids look just like her!). She has a very friendly personality and will come over to you at her cage door without any coaxing. She loves to be petted and if in the right mood will reward your efforts with a quite regal “bunny flop”! When out in her exercise area she loves to explore and play with any toys you might leave for her, although each must go through an extensive “chinning” process to appropriately mark it for her use. A spontaneous flop may occur during play time as well!
This girl would brighten any home where she’s a part of the family. Go meet her and maybe you just might decide to be that family!
-Tricia & Tom: HRN Members-

I thought I would tell a cute story for something a little different. I have 8 rabbits that live in the house. Midnight, my dwarf, is an aggressive rabbit, but I love her because she is smart and cute. She loves to have time out of her cage to play and have attention. This morning I was going to feed all the rabbits before letting anyone out to play. Well, I guess Midnight really wanted out of her cage. I sat down in front of her cage to give her the vegetables she gets every morning. (The rest of the day the rabbits have access to their pellets and hay and water.)
I sat down, opened her cage, and she jumped out, over my lap to get out of her cage. I have toys spread out on the floor of the room Midnight and Velvet share. When they are out of their cage, the door is closed to keep them from getting to other rooms that are not as rabbit safe. I was able to get the door closed before she got out of the room. I just have to laugh at her. So, she had an early play time and will have another play time this evening. -Karen: An HRN Member-

Beebie’s been adopted! Yay!
This is a picture of Beebie with her new adoptive mom, Paige. I’m going to miss having a lap bunny around the house, but I’m really glad to see Beebie going to a good home. Paige is a first time bunny owner and has really been looking forward to this. Here’s to many happy years together for them both.

Now I know why I am doing this…

This week things have been looking up for Beebie. 2 different potential adopters have expressed interest in her. While no one has yet made an appointment to come meet her, the interest gives us hope that she will soon be able to find a loving home of her own.

Until then, she continues to get attention from us, her foster-parents, each day. I sat with her stretched out in my lap last night stroking her thick glossy fur. She just lay there happily accepting the attention. When I stopped, she sat up, gave me a dirty look, and dug at my pants as a way of reminding me that there was something I shouldbe doing. I went back to stroking her head and she settled back down. She really does love nothing more than to have your complete and undivided attention. I think we both get the benefit of our zen time together.

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