July 2006

I was covering the HRN hotline a few weekends ago. One of the messages was from a woman who’s son found a domestic rabbit on some train tracks. The worst part was that bun obviously had something wrong with her eye. It was opaque and she couldn’t see from it. The woman brought the bun over my house until another foster home could take her in (I’m pretty busy with all the babies!).

Cheyenne stayed a few days in our house and melted my heart. She’s shy when you first go up to her with your hand to pet her, but once she realizes you’re ok, she lies right down and adores every minute. All she wants is to be loved. Here are a few pictures of her just chilling out on me. She literally flopped down on my chest with her leg hanging off. She’s just precious and so soft!!!.
She definately needs a diligent mom/dad to take care of her special needs, but whoever does adopt her won’t regret it.

~Erica, HRN fostermom and volunteer

Well I didn’t get a picture of Rose on her hay tower, but I did snag this great shot of her. We were doing a little photo shoot for the upcoming House Rabbit Network. 2007 calendar. We tried another chair but Rose liked this one better. This chair is also beloved by my buns. Sugar uses it as a litter box because it’s comfy on her bum. Ginger use it as her “safe” zone because she thinks that no other bun can bug her when she’s on it.

I thought it would be a nice spot for Rose to pose, but I was hesistant that she wouldn’t stay and just run off like she always does. Rose loves to play chase with us. Rose surprised me, she settled right in and wouldn’t move. I was able to take several shots before she said “gotta pee!” and ran off to the litter box.

Rose is such a great model. She’d love to show her stuff off to a forever home. How can you not want to adopt her?!

~Erica, HRN fostermom and volunteer

Well I don’t know what changed suddenly, but Holly seems to be full of social activity and new-found confidence this week. Its truly marvelous to behold. Since Monday she has: snuffled and nosed amiably at my sister through the bars of her cage, been held comfortably by a complete stranger (our friend Donna, who raised bunnies growing up on a farm), dealt very well with a crowd of people visiting for our 4th of July barbeque, and eaten papaya treats from my hand twice!

My sister, who’d borrowed my car to get to work Monday, ended up staying overnight. Our guest bed is in the sunroom where the bunnies live. Holly’s cage is right beside the guest bed and sometimes we open the side door of the cage so she can play the game of in-and-out-by-myself while she’s romping on the bed. My sister said that when she woke up, Holly was sitting at the front of the cage nearest to the bed watching her sleep. She slowly put her hand up against the cage and Holly snuffled her. When she took her hand away, Holly got this curious/expectant look. My sister didn’t know what she was waiting for, so she put her hand up again. Holly snuffled a bit more, then settled back down to her hobby of demolishing the grass mat in the cage. No panicking, not frantic scrambling, just calm and curious social interaction.

What my sister didn’t know, was that the inquisitive look was Holly waiting for her morning papaya snacks. When I get up each day, I go give the bunnies a papaya tablet each and a piece or two of other dried fruit (though the dried papaya and blueberries are their favorites). Holly is accustomed to me putting my hand on her cage and leaving it there for a moment before I open the cage to put treats in the bowl. So when my sister put her hand against the cage, Holly expected the cage to open and for treats to appear in her bowl. When my sister told me about this, I decided to try something new; instead of waiting till the other bunnies had been given their treats, I opened Holly’s cage first and left it open while I fed the other buns. Holly stood, front paws perched on the edge of her litterbox, watching me avidly. When I finished with the other buns, I turned to her and said, “okay, now you get your treats”. I shook her papaya pieces into my hand and held the hand out on the floor of her cage a few inches away. She snuffled, she moved forward, and she took the treats from me. Quite the advancement for a bunny who used to ball herself up in the corner of her litterbox whenever I opened the cage. This morning, we repeated the routine like it was something we’d been doing together for weeks

She also dealt with a house full of noisy strangers all of whom wanted to see the bunnies at one point or another during the day. (And the loud noise of fireworks, the Pops concert at top volume, and the Red Sox game.) I was so proud of her. I had the french doors to the sunroom half closed and one of the baby-gates up across the other half of the doorway with a sign saying, “Our rabbits live here. Respect their space. Don’t enter this room without permission from your hosts.” Most of our friends are well aware of the volunteer work we do with House Rabbit Network and have heard all about Holly, so they knew that being intrusive could stress her out and undo weeks of hard work and progress. Everyone was very courteous and did indeed ask before visiting. People visited one or two at a time, with a host to escort them, and usually just sat on the bed and watched the buns go about their business. (The business of the day being serious flopping and demolishing an entire head of lettuce in under 2 hours.)

I’m proud of both Holly and my friends right now.


This little guy, and all his brothers and sisters,


want to say: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!

(PS; the boys are the Dutch and the girls are the Spotted. Convenient isn’t it?)

babies 1

Dakota and her babies are doing great. A volunteer mother and daughter pair helped move them into the space where Spot and Zeus resided (they were adopted, yah!). They are loving the new space, but boy are they getting big and are going to grow out of it real soon! They’re still feeding from mom, so we have to keep them together for a few more weeks. The babies are starting to nibble on greens and pellets. Their ears are getting so big. Juju (the grey one) looks like he’s going to topple over because his ears are so big. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. I have some great current ones that I’ll download soon from my camera. I also want to get some pictures up of Rose.

Rose is really enjoying her new neighbors (Dakota and crew). She jumps up on top of her hay tower and watches the little ones binkying around. Everytime I go to take a picture of Rose on top of the tower she jumps down! One day I’ll sneak up on her, hehe. Rose is such a good girl. We’ve recently found out how much she loves nose rubs. She’ll sit there until you stop and then if you do stop, she’ll look up at you with those “why the heck did you stop?!” eyes. She’s been off running around our house, but she loves her little condo. Whenever she’s done playing she just goes back into her condo and plops down. Such a sweetheart.

So I’ll get more pics up soon of everbun, but I hope this tides everyone over till then. Have a great Fourth of July!

~ Erica, HRN volunteer/fosterer

Holly, the skittish, shy little foster bun whom we brought home a month ago for some socialization and trust lessons, wanted to tell you all how she’s doing. She thinks these pictures convey her message quite nicely.

(Investigating foster-dad Matt’s face)

(Checking out foster-mom Liz’s arm)

(Checking out the camera!)

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