January 2007

Hi All-

HRN took part in a rescue of 32 rabbits from a law enforcement case in Fitchburg. The buns are currently all safe. They are being sexed and evaluated. Thanks to Sweet Binks and 3 Bunnies for taking some of the buns. We are looking for other rescue groups and people to assist with this rescue. Donations are needed too. We will be posting more in the next few days and hope to have a web page up by the end of the weekend. Adoptions needed!!!

Cheyenne is a gorgeous black mini-rex rabbit. She is so sweet and
will let you pet her until your hands get tired. We always knew she was blind in he right eye. When she first arrived we had her vet checked and found out that she also had the start of cataracts in her left (good) eye. We didn’t know if they would stay that way, or if they would good worse. In the mean time we looked for a home for Cheyenne, and hoped that we would find one for her while she still had some eyesight. Sadly, her left eye got worse and this week we knew for sure she was blind. As if things weren’t bad enough, when Dr Kruse examined her this week we also found molar spurs. She will be going in to have those filed down next week. We are currently looking for a sanctuary home for her. (We may have found a sanctuary situation for her with 3 Bunnies, but are still looking at other options). Amazingly, Cheyenne is still an incredibly sweet bunny. All I have to do is say the word “pets” to her, and she instantly puts her head down and enjoys all the attention she can get.

The strangest thing happened this morning. We had our buns out running around the house with a gate separating the foster buns. Somehow our boy Shadow got out and we found him next to Jasmine’s cage flirting away. Shadow already has a mate, Sugar and usually the two are inseparable. Even when we bonded them there was never any fighting. It was an unusual case in which we came home and Sugar was in Shadow’s pen – they had bonded without our help. But today a love triangle was formed. I picked up Shadow from beside Jasmine’s cage and placed him back next to Sugar. Sugar must have smelled Jasmine on Shadow because she attacked Shadow and the two were in a brawl. Andy and I were shocked! Talk about jealousy. I quickly intervined and then put them back together. They ignored each other. Shadow tried reconciling by shoving his head under Sugar but she just bit back. How dare he be with another bun! They spent some time apart and then Shadow attempted to give her kisses. Eventually Sugar gave in. What a soap opera to watch. It was sad that they were upset at each other but I couldn’t help but laugh because the behavior seemed so human-like. Bunnies never cease to amaze me :-)

~Erica, HRN fostermom/volunteer