August 2007

Soot Sprite

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Soot Sprite is a friendly, curious and adventurous rabbit. He and his siblings were rescued in Plymouth, MA at four weeks of age. Even then, Sprite exhibited a keen desire to explore. He’s an impressive jumper and needs a cage with a ceiling as opposed to an open pen. HIs gregarious attitude and lack of territorial behavior around new rabbits leads to the suspicion that he would be a good bonding candidate.

He’s still young and as a result his litter habits are still evolving. He still tends to leave a few stray pellets outside his litter box.

Hank Morgan, AKA "The Boss"

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Hank was among four baby rabbits found roaming in Plymouth. He’s known as “The Boss” in his foster home due to being the largest of his litter, and the definitive leader of the group. Boss is friendly and curious. While he can be held he’s very squirmy due to his tendency to explore his surroundings. When upset or frustrated he will sometimes take your finger in his teeth. This is not a bite by any means, but his way of politely telling you he wants some romp time.

Boss, like his siblings, tends to be very easygoing about other rabbits. He’s more curious than anything else and is expected to be a good bonding candidate. Being young his litter box habits are maturing as he still leaves a few pellets where he ought not, but this has been improving over time.

When you first meet Lana, she is very unassuming. Yes, she has silky black fur, big beautiful ears and she will come right to her cage door to greet you but there is more you need to know about this bunny, and how she came to be a shelter bun at HRN.

Lana was very close to being dumped out of a moving car when an alert police officer saw what was happening and intervened. Lana had her second chance!

She is still a bit traumatized. If you make unexpected moves around her, she may direct a growl or lunge in your direction. If you approach her when she is not receptive, she may become defensive. In a way, we can’t blame her. So, if you reassure her by speaking gently, she will begin to feel safe then things will go smoothly.

While we were doing our “photo shoot” with Lana, she initially was uneasy, then gradually she relaxed, and before long, she was joyfully doing binkies! Our plan with Lana, since she is such a cute, all black bunny, was to have her pose for the Halloween themed picture for HRN’s 2008 calendar. She just might be next year’s “Miss October”.

“Halloween…..Trick or Treat…..Yippee!!! You get to keep all the Hershey bars, I get ALL the boxes of raisins!”

We really hope that these pictures motivate you to come meet this brave bunny. Perhaps you will be the one to offer Lana a second chance in a “forever loving home” where she will finally feel safe!

What’s behind here?

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Bunny But!

This is an old photo of either Soot Sprite or Samson. You can’t really tell from the rear view. The babies were about four or five weeks old when this was taken. Weighing in at around 11 to 13 ounces each, they now weigh 5 to 6 pounds each.

My how they grow. “Sniff”

I got a chance to see Blake for the first time in a while. When I first saw him, he was his trademark relaxed, sweet self. He was not much different that his adoption page persona. The photo absolutely captured his nature.

I am going to see him again in about a week, so expect a new picture. He is still a mellow dude, but he now is much more love and attention seeking. He knows he is a handsome devil, and that it is really best if you pet him *now*.

I think he would be great for a person who wants a close relationship with a bunny or even for a person looking to find a submissive, loving bunny to bond with their existing bunny. I think he stand a good chance to bond with a spunky, playful bunny. But, with bonding, you just never know whom your bunny will choose as a mate.

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