September 2007

Donny is one of the bunnies from the Fitchburg rescue. Though just seven months old, this handsome young buck is filling out nicely. While he is a mixed breed, his extraordinary markings are reminiscent of a Himalayan, yet his build is athletic like a New Zealand. And that white spot on his nose, well that’s like the cherry on a sundae, the perfect complement to the entire package!

The next great thing is that Donny has a personality and temperament that match his good looks. He was easy to pick up, and you can tell he is strong when you get him in your arms. He was a cuddle boy once he was sure he was secure there.

Once out and about our boy was off to check out EVERYTHING! He zoomed about here there and everywhere, yet still came by for an occasional pet or snuggle. He is one sociable guy!

Our boy is definitely sports oriented as you can see by some of his pictures. Want to shoot some free throws, play some touch football or shoot a game of 8-Ball? Donny’s got game!

The one thing Donny doesn’t have is a “forever loving home”. How about being a “sport” yourself and making Donny a full time member of your household?

Lenny is a sweet boy who absolutely adores life.  He is a little white, jumping flash across your floor while you are watching TV, but as soon as he hears that treat bag crinkle… BOUNCE! There he is in your lap looking to share!
Lenny has FABULOUS litter habits. his cage is always immaculate. He only uses one corner of his litterbox, and uses the rest as a bed! He loves to do bunny flops and then lay there looking completely content with the world around him.

Lenny would make a fantastic bond candidate. He is very gentle and very curious of other bunnies. He is a very sweet and affectionate bun. he adores snuggle time, and will sit patiently while you groom him until your arms nearly fall off!

Lenny is such a well behaved boy that he even remains perfectly still for his nail trimming! He has fantastic manners and a great personality. The only thing this sweet bunny is missing is his forever home… Could that be you?

HRN member Robin recently had a visit with one of our new bunnies, Yoshi. Here is her experience with this handsome little guy:

“Yoshi is a love! Some bunnies are skittish when a
stranger approaches – but not Yoshi! He is sits nice
and still, happy to have someone give him some
attention and pats. I fell in love with him instantly.

He has pretty dark eyes, chubby cheeks and a cute
round body, characteristic of Netherland Dwarfs. I
believe he is a mix of dwarf and something else. His
fur is so soft and he enjoys being held, cuddled,
kissed and stroked. He acted like a happy little baby
in my arms! For a smaller bun, he sure is a brave
little one, happily tolerating my handling of him.

His sweet nature would make him a popular member of a
loving family. I have spent time with many buns – and
I must say Yoshi is one of the sweetest!”

Dale is a great example of the Holland Lop. According to, the Holland Lop is “a very sweet, affectionate animal that loves to play and hop around. The Holland Lop is a cute, delightful bunny with adorable floppy ears.” Named after his home country, Holland; this breed originated in the 1960’s.

Dale, a mellow fellow, whose cuteness quotient goes off the charts when you meet him in person, is comfortable being picked up and quite enjoys being petted. This little happy go lucky guy entertains you, and himself, as he romps about doing binkies, climbing over impediments and standing upright catching a whiff of a breeze!

As is true with most bunnies, Dale was a bit shy at first, but after a few minutes his natural curiosity kicked in and he set off to explore the area. Interestingly, as he nosed into every nook and cranny, he would only sniff around and chin objects in this path, no nibbling or chewing for this well-behaved boy!

This heartthrob may also woo you with a panoply of bunny flops. If you have not experienced this display of bunny bliss then I suggest you make an appointment to come visit this little showman!

Dale, the diminutive Red Sox fan, is looking for a new “team” that he can join up with. Do you think he could make it into your lineup and find his new “forever loving home”?

Winnie is one of those bunnies that when you first see her you say to yourself, “oh what a cutie!”. Then when you get to interact with her, you find out that she is all that and more! Unlike most bunnies, this girl is not shy at all. In a matter of minutes, this charmer was nesting in our laps and climbing all over us.

She will hop off to explore the landscape and throw in a few twirls, head tosses and leg kicks for your entertainment. When finished with her adventures, Winnie will come back to you for snuzzles and pets. Running your hands over her head and ears will get her to scooch down with you, for as long as you are willing to keep giving her attention.

One of Winnie’s specialties is the “drop dead flop”. This is when she flops over on her side in a complete state of calm, motionless for several seconds, or even longer. If you were unfamiliar with this delightful “habit”, it might prompt you to take a second glance in her direction to ensure that this adorable, sweet bunny is just relaxing in a total state of “bunny bliss”.

We can easily envision Winnie snuzzled with you in your favorite chair as you read the latest HRN Newsletter, or perhaps she is reclining at your side as you watch “Wallace and Grommit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. This idyllic scenario is missing but one thing……..for you to open your heart and your “forever loving home” to Winnie!

I am always contructing bunny toys (as well as buying overpriced, expensive ones). My latest project involves 2 document boxes, 1 ebay small-medium shipment box, zipties, some newspapers, and hay!

First – I stuck 2 boxes together with zipties, broke down the middle barrier, ripped some holes on the ends for easier bunny entry.
Next, I attached a small box-tube thing above, and stuffed it with hay. Note – they got a hay-avalanche within 2 minutes of initial entry…

Last, I tossed the newspaper in. There is much shredding-goodness!

10/8/07 UPDATE: Sunflower is now up for adoption. She is completely healed and ready to bring some spark into your life. She is high-energy and would be a great addition to any home. She would do well being a free range bunny if bunny-proofed properly. Her litter box habits are excellent and she enjoys racing around, doing binkies and being cage-less if possible.

Hi All! My name is Sunflower! My foster mom calls me her little Sunflower Seed or Sunflower-Power, but mostly…”little devil”. I’m a young, tiny dutch dwarf with plenty of energy and I never tire, unless it’s bedtime and then I do a perfect “dead bunny flop” and go to sleep like a nice little bunny.
I was brought into foster care by a very caring woman who found me outside. Apparently, as I’ve overheard, I wasn’t in too good of shape. I had something called cuterebra maggots and it was pretty icky. Thankfully the kind woman took me to the vet where he gave me all sorts of yucky medicine. Then I came to HRN and got more yucky medicine, but also lots of TLC…ahhhh, just what the doctor ordered. I’m not ready for adoption yet, as I’m still recovering and then I will be spayed. Once that’s done, I’m ready to come home with you!
As you’ve probably noticed, my ears are pretty short. I don’t really remember what happened, but I heard the vet say that by the way they have healed, they were probably cut off. Goodness, people can be so mean! But I’m told that my little “van gogh” look makes me even more beautiful and cute, at least my foster mom tells me so. She says I look like a squirrel or a guinea pig too. Imagine that?! It also makes me really aerodynamically inclined so I can zoom around the room at warp speed! Once I start, I can’t stop. I’m here! I’m there! I’m everywhere! Hey, who needs those ears anyway? They only slowed me down.
I’m telling you, if you adopt me, I will keep you entertained for hours. I love to explore every little nook and cranny in the room. And the higher it is…well, let’s just say, I’ll find a way to climb it! So you’d better keep an eye on me just to make sure I don’t get hurt. Because I am “Sunflower, the Fearless…Bungoddess of the Mountains!”. I think I also might be interested in finding a friend because every day I try my hardest to get to my foster mom’s buns. But darn it, she won’t let me! What gives?
Even though I’m a very active little girl, I’m also a sucker for pets. I will absolutely melt as soon as you start to pet my head and I’ll seek you out to pet me too. I don’t mind being held and smothered with pets and kisses, but like most bunnies I hate the act of picking me up. It’s scary for me, so I would prefer if you only picked me up when it was absolutely necessary. Otherwise, I’d like it if you were down on my level and I could use you like a jungle gym, stopping every so often for some love.

So whad’ya say? Will you adopt me when I’m ready?
Sunflower :)
P.S. My foster mom will post better pics of me when she gets a chance.

This is Summer. She is a very unique colored Mini-Rex. Her fur is a very soft gray, and her undercoat is a light brown. In some lights she almost looks purple! Summer was a stray, but is now living a very comfortable life in foster care.

Summer loves to give kisses and if you lay with her on the floor or on a bed, she will give you lots and lots of bunny kisses! She is still a little skittish, but she has come a long way in a very short time and will continue to get better daily!

Summer would make a fantastic bond mate for a male bunny. She seems to be competitive when it comes to females, but she is generally mellow and attentive to the males she has come in contact with. She is very curious about other bunnies!

Meet Henrietta. Henrietta is a beautiful brown bunny with stunning coloring. Her coat seems to change color in the light. One minute she is a deep, rich, chocolate color and the next she is a shade of tan.

The reason why Henrietta is living the single bunny life is because she is happiest this way! She would love to be an only bunny. She really thrives in a one-on-one realtionship with her people. She just loves to crawl all over you while you lay down on a bed or floor with her.

If you are looking for a single bunny to make your family complete, then Henrietta is your girl! She is a bit shy at first, but as soon as she gets to know you, she comes right out of her shell and shows you her fabulous personality!

When you meet Aspen, the first thing you will notice is his beautiful coat. He is a beige color with darker lines running through his fur that give it real character. He has gorgeous slate colored eyes that are always watchful for treats! For the past while, my family and I have been working to bring Aspen out of his shell. He is a very timid bunny when he is in his cage, but he is actually quite social when he is out for his play time.

The key to Aspen is not to pick him up very much. He definitely likes his feet planted firmly on the ground. Once you respect his boundaries he does fantastic with you. He will nudge and sniff and crawl all over you if you get down on his level. He is a really sweet bunny that I think would do very well as a bond mate. Do you have a bunny at home that seems a little lonely? Bring your bun to meet Aspen and see if it is a match made in bunny-heaven!

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