October 2007

Darcy is a very sweet rabbit. A little skittish at first, which is understandable due to the circumstances in which she came. Once you gain her trust, she will warm up to you. She likes to play with plastic balls with bells in them. She also likes to chew on paper towel tubes. She is a big fan of bananas and raisins which she got as a special treat. She loves to sleep and cuddle with her two boys.

Buckwheat is a sweet, cuddly boy. He is the big eater of the group, and the one that likes to jump the most. He loves to have his fur brushed, and behind his ears scratched. He also enjoyed the special treats of bananas and raisins. He likes to “dig” up a straw mat, now and then.

Alfalfa is also very sweet and cuddly. He is the most adventurous of the three. The first to explore the unknown, so to speak. Whenever something new is introduced, he is the first to check it out. He is the most layed back of the three. He enjoys being petted and brushed. He also enjoys the paper towel tubes and the small plastic balls with the bells in it.

Darcy, Buckwheat and Alfalfa are three very special rabbits. With lots of love and attention these three rabbits would be a great addition to anyones family. They sleep in one big ball together. The boys seem to huddle around their Mom, Darcy, as her protectors. They are a family. Sometimes you would see the three of them rolling the balls back and forth to each other in a game of catch. Alfalfa, being the most curious, would get his brother Buckwheat to follow right behind him whenever he decided on a new adventure.

If you’re looking for a trio of buns who will make your heart go pitter patter on a daily basis, why not come visit these little ones. We know they’ll steal their way into your life and make your home their forever loving home!

Special thanks to Allison for her contribution to this blog entry!

Hello! My name is Pauline, which I think is very fitting for a regal
gal like me! Just look at my delicate pointed face.

Some of the humans who volunteer at the House Rabbit Network think I
am one of the friendlier bunnies. I love pats and scratches around my
ears! If you show me a raisin, I will eagerly come up to you and take
it gently from your fingers. And I love to play with my bunny-safe
toys, tossing them around. I am quite curious and will investigate
anything new. Really, I am as friendly and fun as a dog, only
litter-box trained! What could be better?!

I am all white with pink-red eyes, typical of a Florida White rabbit.
Around 6 pounds, I am a lot of love rolled into a furry package. Won’t
you take me home?

Special thanks to HRN member Robin for her contribution to this blog entry!

Tuesday October 23 from 4pm – 9pm
Flatbread is a unique restaurant that promotes organic farming and the community. Tuesday nights are Benefit Nights where Flatbread donates $3.50 from every large flatbread and $1.75 from a small flatbread to a local charity. HRN is honored to be the chosen charity for October 23rd.
Please keep the date open and come join your friends for dinner that night at Flatbread! HRN members will be there the entire night. Hang out, eat and chat with your fellow rabbit friends. We will have a Chinese Auction with prizes too! See here: http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/flatbread.shtml
If your schedule is tight, you can also purchase a flatbread to go, and HRN will still benefit!
Check out their menu. For vegetarians, Flatbread has many options, including a vegan flatbread or an organic salad. Check out Flatbread’s website for more information about this local and generous company.
Where is Flatbread?
213 Burlington Rd, on the Bedford/Burlington line. That is the corner of rte 62 and Network Drive. Easily accessible from both routes 3 and 128/95. It is across the street from Mitre and about a mile from the Burlington Mall.
From Rt 3N exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go right off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot.
From Rt 3S (from Lowell), exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go left off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go three lights and turn right into our parking lot.
From Rt 128 exit onto Rt 3 North (Lowell, Nashua) and take the first exit (Rt 62 Bedford). Go right off the ramp, east on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot on the corner of Network Drive.
For more information, Contact HRN at 781-431-1211 or Flatbread Bedford at 781-275-8200
Help us spread the word!
Download this full size flyer (http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/flyers/flatbread.pdf) and hang it up at your office, grocery stores, vet offices or any other public bulletin board! We also have convenient smaller flyers (http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/flyers/flatbread4_07.pdf) that are great for handing out!

UPDATE! – Sunflower went to her new home and so far seems to be doing wonderful!

..is what this little bun brings. She is sure to make a wonderful addition to any home. After recovering from cuterebra maggots and being spayed, Sunflower is finally ready for a home of her own.
“I’m cooooooool as a cucumber.”
“Am I cute or what!?”
Okay peeps, here’s the 411 on yours truly: I would do best, if possible, as a complete free-range bun in at least one bun-proofed room, if not more. My litter box habits are absolutely impecable! After all, I’m a dainty little thing and like my area clean. If I can’t be free-range, then a very large xpen would be great too. I don’t really like being caged and I tend to get kinda depressed, you know?
I LOVE my willow tent, willow tunnel and and anything else that keeps me busy, entertained and that I can chew on.
As I’ve said before, I don’t like to be picked up but I looooooove to be smothered with kisses and pets on the FLOOR. I’m just a tiny little thing, weighing in at 3 lbs., so you have to be very careful and realize that I could be underfoot. Be careful not to step on me please!
My fur is just starting to grow back from where I was shaved due to those nasty things on my back. Actually, I think my peach fuzz looks kind of cool, don’t you?
“My favorite place to play hide and seek is in the bathroom!”
Oh, and for some reason I don’t really like the base of my ears rubbed, unlike a lot of other rabbits. They’re kind of sensitive due my “van gogh-ness”. I also want to let you know that if you’re bun is looking for a friend, I might be just the one for him or her. I really want a friend. I’ve made that very clear to my foster mom.
Well I guess that’s all for now.
Love, Sunflower :)