November 2007

Wes, whose favorite player on the Patriots is a certain Mr. Welker, is a lanky, handsome young boy who is a pleasure to meet.

As is the case with young buns, he is a little shy at first, but his natural curiosity takes over quickly and before you know it, he is hopping about, crawling over obstacles, and chinning his scent on every possible spot; a rather gentle soul at heart and quite cooperative. Being only four months old, he rarely slows down when given an opportunity for some playtime, but when that occasional respite occurs, he definitely enjoys lots of snuggles and pets. His fur is silky soft and he has the athletic build of a runner, not an ounce of fat on this guy. His large, expressive ears let you know that he still has some more growing to do to fill out that youthful frame.

While HRN’s Wes is a quick, energetic performer like his Patriot namesake, he is different in that he is a “rookie” and not an established player. As Wes Welker would probably tell you himself, a rookie needs a break to succeed.

HRN’s Wes needs the break of a family deciding to make him a permanent addition to their forever loving home. So how about giving our boy Wes a break, and taking him home with you today!

11/27/07 UPDATE: Mr. Magoo will be going to Hop A Long Hollow this week. Thanks to all who are participating in this transport. Again, if any other rescues can help, PLEASE let us know.

HRN is assisting a “kind hearted person” who took in 14 rabbits up in northern NH, otherwise they were slotted to be “culled”. Throughout the upcoming months we will pull them in, spay and neuter them and put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they are being cared for and socialized (although from what I hear they are pretty friendly already) by “their savior”. They range from lionheads, a lop, satins, siamese, etc. Thank you to Hop A Long Hollow in CT for taking one as well. If any other rescues/shelters can help, please email Below are photos of some of the rabbits.
Mr. Magoo

When HRN took in some new foster bunnies recently, several were given names of New England Patriot players. As football fans, we thought the idea was fun, topical and might help create interest in these handsome bunnies.

What we did not expect was that when we got to meet Donte, how many parallels were apparent between him and his namesake, Donte Stallworth.

At first glance, Mr. Stallworth, by pro football standards, is rather unassuming in his physicality compared to other players. However, when you see him in action you then realize how he stands out from the crowd. Our boy Donte is like that as well. When you first encounter him, he will not seem like much, just a little white bunny with the cutest of chubby cheeks. As you begin to interact with him and see him out and about, that all changes.

Up close and personal, you get to see that loving, expressive face that will melt your heart. You will see his athleticism as he darts around here and there to check you out and the surrounding area. He will squeeze through obstacles as if they were a defensive secondary, he will hop and binky like he just scored the game winning touchdown, and when he decides to take it easy after play, he will sit there looking sharp much like Mr. Stallworth does in his fashionable postgame wardrobe.

There is one big difference between them though. Donte Stallworth is a seasoned veteran who is on an established team. HRN’s Donte is a free agent, who is looking for that opportunity to show off his talents to the right “coach”. How about taking a chance and putting Donte into your “starting line-up” at your house?

Watson is named after the Patriots’ young tight end, Ben Watson. Although they may not share many physical attributes, both these ‘up and comers’ are poised to make their mark.

Watson, a sweetie, will absolutely steal your heart. Only five months old, this little guy has boundless energy to burn! Given the chance to be out and about, he definitely capitalizes on the opportunity! Initially, he will dash off like a blur, and then stop on a dime, thanks to those snowshoe – like rear feet. You might see him popping up on his tippy toes to scan and sniff his surrounding area to figure out where to explore next.

He will dash over to a pillow to burrow a tunnel behind it with that perfect little nose. Or he might push the toys around with his front paws. Then again, he is not opposed to giving a toy a good toss with his teeth, either! Nosing around, chinning everything, he is a delight to behold.

Of course, all that activity means that our boy Watson needs some rest too. He will gladly spend his down time near you really enjoying it, if you give him pets and snuggles. He is OK with being held and cuddled as well, but as soon as he feels rested, he will squirm away to some new adventure. Just like a little kid. This is exactly what Watson is, in bunny years, that is! And this ‘little kid’ is an orphan.

Well YOU can change THAT! Just open your heart and your loving home to this adorable boy and we know he will bring you a lifetime of happiness.

Troy, HRN’s cute little nine months old foster bunny, is very much like his namesake, Troy Brown of the New England Patriots. Unimpressive at first glance, he will change your mind once you get to know him, just like Troy Brown has done with NFL fans for the past 15 years. Quick, agile, humble and loveable, yup that’s our “Troy boys” all right!

The big difference with HRN’s Troy is that he is just at the beginning his career. He has many “seasons” left to perform his binkies and flops for his fans. He loves to hang out too, sitting with them for pets and scritches.

Like most rabbits, Troy is full of natural curiosity. He will entertain you just by watching him explore his area. Off he goes with his sniffer in full scan mode to investigate all that comes across his path. He’ll stop to chin or nose objects one minute and then be standing up on his hindquarters trying to see, smell or hear where he should go, the next.

This snuggly, cuddly guy just wants to be part of a team of his own. He’d like that “team” to be a “forever loving home” where he could spend his career entertaining his fans just like Troy Brown has. So come off the sidelines and get in the game. By making our boy Troy your #1 draft pick, you will have scored, big time!

There is just something special about a lop eared bunny. Maddie is no exception. This little girl has the looks to melt your heart!

And looks are just part of the package. Maddie has the snuggle appeal to go with it! She loves to lounge around and be petted and will hang out with you while you stroke her until your arm gets tired. Put her in your lap and she’s right at home!

Overall, she’s probably best described as being laid back and easy going. Of course, she’s still quite a sight as she galoops along with her ears flapping in the breeze. Her movements are usually deliberate and gentle while she pokes or chins new objects or toys she comes across in her meanderings. Overall though, she just likes to find a good spot to hang out and take it easy. Nice work if you can get it!

She’s relaxed with people and enjoys being picked up and cuddled. As a matter of fact, we think that she would be able to adjust to a new environment with ease.
There’s only one problem. Maddie can’t provide this new environment on her own, only YOU can! Maddie would love a “forever loving home” and we think that if you come to visit her, you WILL want to make that happen!

“Dolce” in Italian means “sweet”. Well, this girl definitely lives up to her name.

She may be a tad shy when you first meet her, but if you give her a few moments to get accustomed to you, soon she will be at the front of her cage checking you out. Once in your arms, she snuggles in close and relaxes.

Dolce’s natural curiosity is a pleasure to observe. Fascinated by all things in her path, she stops to explore everything and everywhere. If she wanders by a toy, she will be inclined to investigate it by nosing it a bit, and then tossing it about. Next, she may encounter a box or a cushion and you can be sure this playful girl will be in it, on it and/or relocating it. Dolce is constantly on the go in search of fun and play!

If Dolce attempts to explore somewhere you would prefer her not to be, she is quite agreeable to being gently redirected, and will move on her way merrily. Her pleasant demeanor is one of her prominent attributes. She rarely gets skittish or uneasy and enjoys being lavished with attention.

It is a conundrum as to why this sweet bunny was abandoned to be left wandering as a stray. Please consider opening up your heart and home to this adorable brown bunny. She is yearning for her “forever loving home”.