December 2007

UPDATE 12/31/07: As we close in on the end of 2007, Sweetpea is hoping for a new home for 2008. A new year and new start on life would be truly amazing for this little bun who has overcome many health obstacles. As she settles into my home, it’s apparent that with lots of love and respecting her space and ‘tude, she is an amazingly sweet rabbit. Truly, she is and her name does fit her. She has absolutely no fears of anything and explores her surroundings like she’s lived here all her life. She now comes right over to me and allows me to pet her. She is still cage aggressive, but we are adjusting and learning how to overcome that “slight” obstacle. She knows the sound of the banana chip jar and immediately comes to the door of the cage. She is still not keen on being held, so we transport her from her cage to exercise time on the floor via her litter box. She jumps in, a hand is placed over her for security and down she goes. Her litter box habits while out are impeccable, however her cage habits… well we’re still working on that ;)

If you’d like to give this small dynamic package of a bun a chance, please consider her.

Sweetpea came to HRN a few months or so ago. She is a teeny black bun who was found as a stray in bad shape. During the past few months she has received the best TLC and veterinary care by a “very special volunteer”. The most immediate problem was her sore hocks, which have now healed. She also had a basal cell tumor on her shoulder which is now gone. Once she had gained some weight and was healthy enough to be spayed, she was. Upon spaying, uterine cancer was found. The vet was able to remove as much as she could of the uterine stem, but there is that chance it could come back. However, we are hopeful it won’t. This little bun certainly deserves a chance in life after the shape she was found in.
Sweetpea is a wonderfully, rude little bun weighing only 1.5 pounds! She does hop a bit funny. We’re not sure if it’s due to arthritis or leftover from her sore hock issue or maybe even neurological from E. cuniculi. Her water intake was excessive when she came in, but a course of Fenbendazole did indeed help solve this issue.

Sweetpea will only be adopted to a bunny experienced home who understands her possible needs (right now, there are none, other than a loving owner). She IS feisty and has earned the nickname “T-Rex”. She can be as sweet as pie one moment, but the next, all 1.5 pounds of her will box and grunt at your hand. I’m sure she wasn’t treated well in her “previous life” and human hands coming at her are scary for her at times and she reacts the only way she knows how. She can also be cage aggressive, but for the experienced owner, they’ll know how to handle this.
She loves her greens and gets unlimited pellets because she still is a bit on the skinny side; and she’s a good hay eater. A small piece of carrot each night is what she likes. Raisins, cranberries and banana chips are her favorite and a good way to “gain her trust”. Her litter box habits aren’t the greatest, but at times, they can be. She’s a funny little thing like that. A few puppy pads in her cage helps this situation. But she’s only a teeny thing, so her “output” isn’t much of an issue really.

When she’s out and about, she loves crinkling up tissue paper and running through the willow tent and tunnel. She plays with her toys, chews on willow and does cute head shakes and binkies… well as best as she can! She’s an explorer and really has no fears of what lies ahead. Her traction on different flooring is fine, despite her wobbly little hop. She’ll come right over and check you out and will stay only if you have a “peace offering” (treat).
Her favorite spot is in her bed or relaxing on a blankie or towel. She enjoys a Snuggle Safe at night to keep her even warmer. She’ll sit with her back area on the towel-wrapped Snuggle Safe and her front paws stretched out in front her, like the little queen that she is.

Sweetpea was obviously treated very poorly before HRN found her, but that hasn’t dimmed her will or spirit to survive this cruel world. She will require a home that is fully aware of her possible future needs, the ability to work with and understand her cage aggressiveness and a loving person that will show her life can be good and that a house rabbit deserves the best!

~Shannon – Member/Volunteer/Sweetpea’s foster mom

This blog entry is from HRN foster parents Hollie & Keith about their new foster bun, Henry. Thank you for volunteering!

Henry is one of the cutest bunnies you’ll meet and is very friendly. One look in those irresistible eyes and you’ll want to snuggle right up with him and pet his super soft fur. He has good litter box habits, and LOVES Kale.

Henry likes to go exploring, and he especially likes to hide out in our bookshelf!

Often we find that Henry likes to check out the world from a higher point of view…And he really likes to read John Steinbeck novels.

Sometimes Henry can be a bit shy, but it doesn’t take much for him to muster up his courage and hop on over to where the action is….

Henry is an easy bunny to love, he’s calm and sweet, and will thrive in a loving environment. Maybe your house could be his new forever loving home!

Just wanted to share with you some recent photos that we’ve taken of Riley and Scout, the dynamic sister duo.

These two small girls are friendly, sweet and a bundle of fun! As you can see in the photos, this outgoing sister team LOVES to play with each other as well as with a myriad of toys; their antics will keep you mesmerized for hours!

And, yes, they will eventually stop to rest all snuggled up together, however, not for long as there is so much more for little bunnies to do.

These vivacious sisters will fill your heart and home with joy, please consider inviting them into your circle of love.

Initially, Floppy is a bit timid when you meet her, however once in your arms she snuggles in close to your body to relax and feel safe. She would be content enough to remain there undisturbed, or so it would seem. Like all bunnies, she is very curious to explore her environment, yet she goes about it in an almost “shy” manner. Before long though, Floppy is by your side, her eyes beseeching you to adorn her with attention, once again. How can you resist this delicate, gentle soul!

Have you ever been in the presence of an animal where you want to envelop it in your arms, smother it with love and protect it from all that is unpleasant in this world? Well, Floppy evoked those feelings in me recently, and since I already have six bunnies, adopting one more would put *me* in jeopardy of losing my “forever loving home”, at least according to my hubby, the bunny wrangler! So, I implore you to come wrap your arms around this gentle, vulnerable little girl and see if she steals your heart as she did mine.

Sonia was House Rabbit Network’s Bun of the Month for November. Here is the article:


Sonia originally came to HRN three years ago when a rescue in Maryland was closing. She was adopted, but was recently returned when her owner moved to the mid-west. Sonia is a very friendly bunny. She is personable and outgoing. When she is out, she is checking everything out and running all over the place. She enjoys jumping. When she is ready for a break, she will lounge in high places, where she can look out over her territory. Sonia is self-assured and has good litter box habits. Not to mention she is terribly cute!

As you can see, she is as cute as a button, and definitely has the personality to match. Sonia is gentle, sweet and enjoys having attention showered on her. If you reach out to pet her, she will melt right down in pleasure beside you until your arm is weary, and when you start to pull away, she will glance up at you, as if to say, “Oh, please do not stop”!

Although Sonia enjoys relaxing with you, this girl really likes to play as well. Once on the loose, she is an inquisitive little princess who confidently explores her domain. Just watching her as she bounds about will elicit a smile and prompt you to cuddle her once again, which will, certainly, be just fine with her!.

Well, that can be arranged, and on a full time basis to boot! If you visit Miss Sonia, we are sure that you will be inspired to make your “castle”, her new forever loving home.

Meet Robbie Rabbit, a real one-of-a-kind party rabbit! This loving, little, 5 lb Rex is a sociable, black velvety bundle of fur. Unlike some of his rabbit buddies, Robbie enjoys being held and cuddled. He will charm you the minute you meet him, and he is used to other animals.

When it comes to eating, Robbie has a few favorites: fresh timothy hay, kale and cilantro. For his treats, in small amounts, of course, he will do almost anything for a tiny piece of strawberry, red grape, banana, melon, or Granny Smith apple!

Robbie is up for anything – he even loves car rides! One moment he is running and kicking up his heels, and the next he may be playing with his keys or tossing around his slinky. He even likes to dance. His “Mom” used to dance with him in her arms to the Brazilian Samba….that was his favorite, but unfortunately she got sick and could not care for him anymore.

Well, how about if this cute boy “trips the light fantastic” into your life? He has already mastered how to be a well-behaved house rabbit, why not make your house his next forever loving home!

Basil is a real cuddle bunny. He loves attention. So much so, that he jumps onto your lap on the couch to be pet. He would be great with children too. Here is a picture of one of the many times he’s jumped onto my lap. Such a cutie pie!

b1.JPG~Erica, HRN fostermom

When you hear the name Tedy, you naturally think of the phrase “Tedy Bunny” right??? Well if not, meeting this special bunny might just change your catch phrase vocabulary!

As you can probably assume, our HRN foster bun got his moniker from Patriot inside linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Our Tedy, a youthful, rugged bun, is much like his namesake.

He came to HRN as part of the Plymouth rescue where he had to fend for himself in the “wild” for an undetermined amount of time. This experience has left Tedy still a bit skittish with new people. He will seem tentative and reluctant to socialize at first, but if you reassure him with pets and sweet talk, you will definitely see him begin to trust you.

Once relaxed, he will charm you as he navigates his play area. Objects will be sniffed, nosed and even picked up and relocated by our adventurous boy. That intense, yet playful spirit that you get when you see Tedy B on TV is very similar to how you feel watching our Tedy in person!

One prominent difference between Mr. Bruschi and HRN’s Tedy is that the Patriot’s linebacker has a family, which he is a big part of, while our Tedy is all alone. YOU can change that! If you open your heart and your home to Tedy, he will bring you joy, and you will make him a very happy bunny that will show you his love for years to come.