January 2008

“HRN is assisting a “kind hearted person” who took in 14 rabbits up in northern NH; otherwise they were slotted to be “culled”. Throughout the upcoming months, we will pull them in, spay and neuter them and put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they are being cared for and socialized (although from what I hear they are pretty friendly already) by “their savior”. They range from lionheads, a lop, satins, siamese, etc.”

Jasmine, born June 2007, is a 5lb Satin rabbit. She is fortunate to have been saved by an “angel”. Maybe you will be the angel to offer her a forever loving home.

In the x-pen where Jasmine was playing, we strewn about lots of toys for her to explore. Being a curious girl with a frisky nature, we knew she would be thoroughly entertained.

Abruptly, she took a break from her adventures to plop right down beside the large white shaggy stuffed dog. Completely relaxed, she stretched out with her chin on the floor – very interesting!

A little siesta with her stuffed friend, then it was my turn to be investigated. I felt like she was the mountain goat and I, the mountain. As Jasmine navigated my sneakers, legs and lap, she proceeded to “chin” me, laying claim to her recently explored territory. Have you ever been “chinned” by a bunny – it can tickle!

And, when Jasmine does a “flop”, she gives it her all. Why stop on her side when she can keep rolling onto her back, oh, so cute.

Once again, when in need of a play break, Jasmine returned to her friend, the shaggy dog, doing a semi-flop as she snuggled in close – very interesting! Perhaps, she might enjoy a companion. Could that be you, or your bunny? Come visit her and we think that just might happen!

Eli and his companion, Sonia, were surrendered to HRN because their owner was moving – how sad! Wait, I am not finished….then, Sonia, without provocation took a bite out of Eli’s chest which resulted in stitches and a trial separation – how sad! Wait, I am not finished….after an extended healing period Sonia filed for divorce and is now in her forever loving home while Eli pines for his forever loving home – how sad!

Having met Eli, I can tell you that Sonia must have been nuts because Eli is a gentle soul with a lovely personality. Moreover, he has stellar litterbox habits, I mean, what more can one ask for! Usually, when the buns play in the x-pen they “mark” a bit, since one is coming in after another, even though there is a an available litterbox for them. Not Eli, he is immaculate – no bee bees anywhere except for the litterbox.

Evidence again of Sonia’s questionable mental state, Eli is romantic and attentive. Now, you tell me, what female does not yearn for a guy like that! When in my company, he crawled on my legs up to my lap then put his front paws up on me to give me a “whisker kiss”. Ok, so I swooned! Off he went doing his bunny thing: straight-up binky with a 90-degree turn, head tosses, leg kicks, up high on his back legs to observe the upper regions of the area – impressive! However, the best part was that he remembered I was there, and sauntered on back for a little snuggling – are you females taking this in? Eli smoosched down close “purring” as I stroked his chin and ears, clearly, enjoying the attention, quite a sociable gent.

So, if you think a playful, attentive and cuddly bunny like Eli might be a match for you, call us to arrange a tête-à-tête with Eli soon.

Confetti is a boy whose appearance is like his name: it draws attention! His markings are quite striking, but it is that Satin-Rex fur that will leave the most memorable impression on you once you pet him.

He came to HRN as part of a rescue from northern New Hampshire of 14 bunnies that a wonderful, caring person took in to avoid the rabbits being “culled”. After a call to HRN, he is now safe in a foster home.

This well built youngster is a favorite to those who meet him at his foster home. HRN volunteer Nicole says, “This shy boy is totally sweet and loves to hop around”.

He will show off his agility and moves when prancing about in the x-pen. He leaves no corner to his imagination as “Inspector Confetti” investigates the entire area. He loves to play with toys, nibbling and tossing them around. And, he looks dashing while he does it!

We know what it will take to make this beautiful boy open up and become a star: a forever loving home! How about starting a celebration of a new bunny at your house with some Confetti of your very own?

Hillary Hare, a friendly, four pound, dwarf mix, came to HRN by way of the Animal Rescue League as a law enforcement case. At the time she was spayed, the veterinarian surmised that Hillary-Hare was born around July 2007, or as we refer to as a “good guess”.

Hillary-Hare is a smoosch bunny – she adores being snuggled and loved. As she reclined next to me in the x-pen, I bent down to smother her with kisses covering her ears and face; she responded with bunny “purrs”! And, when I stopped for a moment to brush the bunny fur from my face, she looked up as if to say, “please don’t stop, I’m swooning”. So, I scooped little Hillary-Hare up, enveloping her in my arms, close to my face so she could feel my breath. Serenely, she lay quietly and at peace.

After a bit, I gently put her down for some playtime and off she bounced exploring the toys, seemingly, as pleased with jumping, twirling and darting about, as she was with being held and cuddled.

All that is missing for Hillary Hare is a family of her own to share her love. Come visit her and take her away to her new, forever loving home!

Perry, a Netherland Dwarf, is a munchkin weighing in at 3.5lbs. Although itsy bitsy, he has a power-packed personality to charm and dazzle you.

It is incomprehensible why someone abandoned this adorable, little bunny, unfortunately, that is the reality. Initially, he was cared for at the Animal Rescue League and then taken in by the House Rabbit Network where, currently, he is in foster care.

Perry in his cage, at his foster home, distinguishes himself from the other buns by doing binkies, head bobs and, basically, anything that will command your attention. If you speak to him, he will rise up on his back legs eager to be lifted from his cage. Nicole, an HRN volunteer, recently commented that, “Perry is a complete doll who melts when you hold him”! I absolutely agree, for my experience with friendly, little Perry is that he picks-up easily and snuggles even more easily, in fact, when I massaged him, he rewarded me with bunny kisses and as I stroked him, he bunny “purred”.

Perry, the perpetual motion machine, seems to relish seeking out new adventures. One moment he is climbing on you, and the next he is pulling and nibbling on your shoelace. And, if you happen to be taking his picture, he is right there with his nose on the lens inspecting your technique and, if, by chance, the camera strap is hanging down, he will be sure to engage you in a game of “tug of war” which he has every intention of winning! However, the most amazing sight was observing Perry actually playing “soccer” as we rolled a small plastic ball with a bell inside towards him. Bounding after the ball like a frisky puppy, he proceeded to push it along with his nose, first in one direction and then another zigzagging about the x-pen; this is one energetic bunny!

At one point, Tommy leaned down close to Perry’s head intending to give him a kiss; however, he was surprised when Perry started to sniff his face, then plant a “wet one” on his lips after which Perry did the Indy 500 around Tommy’s feet!

While Perry is off the charts in the rambunctious category, he is sadly lacking in the “I have a forever loving home of my own” section. Come visit him and we think you might want to change his status immediately!

Let us introduce you to Diesel, one of the thirty-four rabbits that HRN rescued in a law enforcement case in the town of Fitchburg, MA. He is curious and interested in his environment. Whether it is coming to greet you at his cage door, redecorating the contents of his cage or just playfully tossing his toys about, it is apparent that Diesel is an active boy!

Recently, while playing in the x-pen, he exhibited that boundless energy. Dashing around, Diesel nosed and chinned the many toys strewn about, however, the small blue stool he found to be particularly interesting: jumping on, around, and crawling in and out of, occupied his attention for quite awhile. From there he proceeded to zoom around using the toys and stool as a sort of obstacle course where he performed long graceful binkies and leg kicks along the route.

After continuing this whirlwind of activity, finally, he plopped down for a respite, although not for long. Happily, this sweet boy began “dancing” about the toys and stool, once again, then abruptly he took a turn around the stool and proceeded to do a gigantic flop landing on his side, with a glance back to see if we appreciated his athletic display. He, at that moment, had melted our hearts, and we responded with oodles of adoration for being sooooo cute!

We know that if you come meet this handsome, big white bunny, you will want to take him with you to his new forever loving home!

This is what 3 mostly free-range bunnies look like in the morning. They are all HRN-adopted bunnies. Actually, they graciously adopted me. I live in a small apartment, and 3 bunnies (plus a cat) was initially a bit of a struggle, but I’ve managed to fit everybun quite nicely. They have a 4 story NIC condo!

Adopt! even if you don’t think you have the space. If I can do it, so can you! :)