February 2008


Special thanks to HRN foster parents, Liz and Matt, for their contribution to this blog posting.


Truffle is a girl with attitude! She’s a great bun with LOTS of personality – no shrinking violet here. An experienced rabbit owner who will not be intimidated by her spunkiness may be a good match for Truffy. Once she knows that you aren’t going to fall for her drama, Truffle is a real sweetie and very well behaved. She’d probably do best as a single bun with a low-key, non-aggressive dog as a companion. Being fearless, she may get into trouble when she refuses to back down in a challenge.


Although independent, Truffle does love attention and, actually, enjoys being held and petted, a rare combination. She has impeccable litter habits and would be great as a free-range bun if she had enough stimulation to keep her entertained: cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, willow or straw baskets, plastic baby keys or slinkies, etc.


Truffle, a 5 lb. Brittania Petite, is a strikingly stunning bunny: her beautiful deep brown fur is luxuriously soft and glossy, and her big dark eyes can make even the toughest heart melt.


All that this dynamo is missing in her life is a forever loving home, which is something that YOU can change! Why not call the Hotline at 781-431-1211 to chat with an adoption counselor about our little spitfire, Truffle, and see if you are the one for her!

If you are looking for a fun loving bun to call your own, Frisco could be the one for you! This handsome boy is one of the bunnies from the Plymouth Rescue and he is just a charmer.

His foster parents, Melissa and Justin, have really enjoyed their time with Frisco and wanted to share some of their experiences by putting together some photographs of him at play.

“Foster mom forgot to put out a litter box! I have perfect litter box habits and had to climb all the way up here!”

“I used to play some baseball back in the day.”

“Is that MORE snow out there? When is it going to be spring?”

“I made it to the top, call me ‘King Frisco’!”

“Sure, come on in. Welcome to my home!”

Special thanks to Melissa and Justin for their outstanding contributions to this post!

Ella has been in my home for a week now and has been a constant source of entertainment. She is the biggest bun I’ve ever really known (4 pounds was my max until now!) and I’m having a blast with her! She loves to play, especially pushing toys around. Her favorite so far is half a shoe box, which turns over and over. Here she is in it:

I love playing together pushing her toys around, almost a little tug-o-war. Here she is with her paper towel roll (sorry for the red eye!):

Within hours of coming into my home, Ella was calm and cool and wanted to explore. I opened her ex-pen and she was all over my kitchen and even over to the bathroom. The brave bun even tried to sniff out my dirty clothes!

No binkies yet, but a lot of assertive exploration. She’s definitely curious and seems to want to know about everything around her.

Here Ella found my other buns’ play castle (aka pile-of-shoeboxes) in the bathroom. She was very curious and immediately started chinning the corners.

Ella doesn’t really like being picked up, like most buns, but does fairly well despite this when it is necessary. Ella really likes pats on her head and sat for a whole hour relaxing next to me watching “Prison Break” this week. It was awesome to have a bun that would chill out with me and be comfortable next to someone she barely knew. Here she is flopped down relaxing:

Ella is a beautiful girl who would make a fine addition to any home. I really love how explorative she is- and she has yet to chew any of my stuff!! What a good girl. Maybe you can give her the forever home she is waiting for.

-Katie, HRN Member

These two handsome bunnies are part of the Fitchburg Rescue. As you can see by the picture of Kelvin (above) when he first came to HRN, these boys have definitely filled out quite nicely!

Yes, Kelvin is the gray one and Eli is the chocolate colored guy. Eli is slightly bigger than his brother, yet Kelvin is the “braver” of the two and is usually the one who will come to check you out first.

These two love to play and would like nothing better than to have the chance to show you some of their best bunny jumps and mid-air kicks! With their athletic builds, it can be quite a show!

Our boys are very devoted to one another and seldom stay apart for any length of time. Wether it’s munching on their greens, checking out new territory, or just hanging out, wherever you find one, the other will be close by.

The only thing missing in this pair’s life is a forever loving home to call their own. Come meet the boys and spens some quality time with them and we think that their next home will be yours!

A special thanks to Melissa & Justin, the boys’ devoted foster parents, for their contribution to this posting!!!

HRN foster parents Hollie & Keith had this to say about their new foster bun, Harpo…

“Harpo has been adjusting great to our house.

Harpo has only been with us for a short time, but he has quickly won over our hearts.

He is curious, playful and energetic, though very well behaved.

He has excellent litter box habits and gets along great with our cat.

We love to watch him explore and do his bunny acrobatics. He likes to run and jump in wide open spaces.

We hope he finds a forever home that is as wonderful as he is.”

A very special “Thank you!” goes out to HRN foster parents Hollie and Keith for sharing their experiences with us in this blog post.