March 2008

Posted on behalf of the Moran, Groulx, Shay family:
Just wanted to say a big THANKS to you. We adopted our bunny last night (Mia) and we are IN LOVE! she’s already right at home at our place. We’ve seen her Binky, and do her Happy Flop a few times already! We’re heading out tonight to get her a nice big exercise pen so we can keep her out of her cage and out of trouble as much as we possibly can. We love her tons already and cant wait to get to know this little Princess a little bit better.
Mia is a great addition to our home. We love to sit and watch her run around her exercise pen doing binkies then big old bunny flops when shes had enough playing. She’s already a daddy’s girl, her and her new daddy love to sit together in her pen and play for hours! And when its time to relax she loves to cuddle up with her “boyfriend” (a stuffed brown floppy eared rabbit) hide her little face under his floppy ears and take a snooze! We want to thank the House Rabbit Network for allowing us to give this precious girl her new forever home!

Love the Moran, Groulx, Shay family

Pierce is our new foster bun. He is such a cutie pie. He looks exactly like another Plymouth bun we had, Basil. Well we wanted to see how much they were a like so we put Pierce into my lap. He settled right in and even scratched me when I stopped, just like Basil! These Plymouth buns are awesome!





~Erica, HRN fostermom

Energetic, friendly, SNBB, vegetarian Virgo seeks adoring family of bunny slaves. Handsome, diminutive, athletic lagomorph interested in having a great time doing such things as binkie dancing, dining alfresco and quiet evenings at home watching my favorite TV channel – The Animal Planet.

If you are looking for a loving companion who will always find a way to make you smile then I’m the snuggle bunny for you. Able to relocate immediately!

Why not call the Hotline at 781-431-1211 to chat with an adoption counselor about our potential compatability, and to see if you are the one for me!

“After a long, hard day of binkying, running and general mischief, it is always comforting to have a nice cuddly blanket to kick back and relax on!”

“OK girls, who wants to go for a stroll through the Tunnel of Love?”

“What!? Doesn’t everyone run with their tongue sticking out? Heck, Michael Jordan played his entire career that way!”

“The first chair was too small, the next chair was too big, but this one is juuuuuuussssst right!”

“Talk to the paw, cuz the ears ain’t listenin!”

Pierce was again the ambassador at Especially for Pets. The little guy was ready to explore and adjusted really well to the crazy environment.

Off all the crazy luck – there was a dog obedience class going on! But, Pierce was unphased!

The Plymouth rescue bunnies have the most laid back, sweet disposition. And there was not even a stray poop!  :) What a man!

Ella (aka Ella Bella) becomes more wonderful every moment I spend with her. We had a very special moment last night when I saw her do her first binkies in my kitchen!!! How cute to see a big beautiful bun like her do such a happy dance! She is becoming more and more comfortable with me all the time and is clearly starting to love her pats! She loves them the most when my hands smell like pellets. She really nuzzles up into your hand then. Here she is doing a little grooming.

Ella really really really does love her pellets (and veggies) but it’s been hard to get her to eat a lot of hay. Her forever home will need to be sure to keep working on this with her and invest in a quality pellet.

Ella also loves having a hiding space. She’s taken to a piece of marble left in my apartment by the former residents. Here she is in it:


Ella’s calm personality would be great for a first time rabbit owner. She’s really easy to handle for nail clippings, which is a great trait to have! She also hasn’t chewed on any of my furniture yet and has good litter box habits! She doesn’t really like to be held but does really well sitting next to you. Also, she’s super adventurous, but not too wild, unlike my boys who go running and crashing around their ex-pen every morning at 6am. Here are some shots of her exploring:

And here she is trying to get into my bedroom, where my bunnies are:

Ella seems very curious about the “bunnies in the other room” but also seems to get upset when they get too close to each other. Still, she insists on trying to check them out almost every playtime. I suspect she would be an OK candidate for bonding but that she might have to “date” a few people first. I think she would also do very well as a single bun with lots of attention. And how can you say no to this adorable face???

Maybe you can be the forever home for this adventurous, independent, calm, beautiful bun named Ella!

HRN Foster Mom Katie

Julia was found abandoned on the doorstep of a vet’s office in Burlington. We’re not sure of her age but the vet who spayed her thought she might have been born sometime around August of 2007. How someone could do this is inexplicable to us, for she is the sweetest thing!

Julia is a “people bunny”; she is very interested in what you’re doing. If you pass by her cage, she is right there to see what’s going on. With her little nose pressed up against the cage, you can’t help but reach in to pet her or scoop her out for some playtime. And, boy, does she enjoy her playtime – she’s a ball of energy, romping and twirling all over the place!

As Julia was joyfully dancing about, we noticed that she wags her tail, yes, like a happy dog would do, swiftly from side to side, not once but multiple times. It was soooo cute! It is kind of a quirky thing for a bun to do. When one of our buns is doing binkies, he will also occasionally wag his tail – it always makes us laugh!

In between all the zooming around, Julia settled down for some snuggles. She seemed to really enjoy the human contact, in fact, she then proceeded to get up, hop over to the stool and do a huge bunny flop, landing on her side in a big thump! She then picked up her head to glance over at us to see if we were watching, as if to say, “are you catching how cute I am”.

Sweet Julia is longing for a home where she can be cherished by her forever-loving bunny slave, might that be you? Why not call the Hotline at 781-431-1211 to chat with an adoption counselor about our charming Julia, and see if you are the one for her!

On a frigid, wintry day in January of 2008, a group of dedicated House Rabbit Network volunteers rescued Pierce, a young stray, in Plymouth. He is one of many rabbits from the Plymouth Rescue that has been spayed/neutered, and now resides in foster care awaiting adoption.

Even though Pierce survived his first 5 months of existence in the wild without human interaction, he is amazingly sociable! When you approach his cage, he jumps up to greet you, hoping for some attention; he’ll sit there patiently yearning for snuggles. Recently, he joined some HRN volunteers at an Education Event at one of the Especially for Pets locations where he was the star attraction. While sitting in his ex-pen in the midst of the shoppers, he greeted the customers with his sweet out-going personality. He really charmed the crowd!

jasmine.jpgJasmine is a very sweet bunny that’s full of energy. She loves to lie on the couch when she’s all tuckered out.

But Jasmine has a secret! Her tummy hair never grew back after her spay. Instead she has a cool mohawk that grew just over her spay scar. It just adds to her crazy personality :-)


~Erica, HRN fostermom