April 2008

Just wanted to let you know I now have a forever loving family of my own, and I’m soooo happy!

Hi everyone, my name is Lana and I’m hoping for a home to call my own. Currently, I reside with my oh, so wonderful foster mom, Lorna, and seven other foster buns. Plus, my foster mom has some buns of her own – lucky bunnies!

Maybe if you know a little about me, you might consider coming for a visit. Well, in the past, I have had some unpleasant experiences with humans. One, in particular, was really scary: some boys were about to toss me out the window of a car but luckily a police officer intervened to rescue me. Honestly, it has taken some time to overcome this kind of abuse. Fortunately, since being cared for by patient, nurturing volunteers at HRN, I’m learning to be more responsive to human interaction and to trust again; although, sometimes I can get uppity regarding my living quarters. I think it might be that I’m just defending my own, personal space. I’m communicating with a “grrrrr” to let you know how I feel – you know, some of us buns are more “talkative” than others! One of the other volunteers told me that she has a bun who “talks” all the time, and she said that she loves that he is opinionated!

Some of my favorite things are being loved and petted by my foster mom and oh, by the way, she says that I have really good litter box habits and that I don’t chew on her belongings during my playtime. Her praise makes me feel good, in fact, she talks to me all the time, she’s kind of a chatterbox – I love it!

Getting out to play is the best! It is so much fun to just let loose – I mean, really run, and dash about doing jumps, sideways leg kicks, twirls, and all kinds of cool bunny dances. Having some things to climb on and under is pretty neat, too, as well as, being able to stretch out and relax wherever I feel like it. And, my foster mom spoils me with papaya pills – Yum!!! Oh, ya, and I really like parsley. You can see me looking quite happy in my photo as I’m stuffing my face with it – mmmm good!

My foster mom tells me that someday a nice family may come and take me with them to my “forever loving home” where I’ll have lots of people fussing over me. She says that I might even get to meet another bunny and hang out with him or her if the family has one already. That sounds like it could be fun – somebody to cuddle with!

Well, if you have taken the time to read this blog of mine and looked at my, oh so cute, pictures, I am sure that you are ready to come meet me in person. I think I would like that. A “forever loving home” sounds like a great idea, when do I move in? Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see me today.

Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Lorna, for her contributions to Lana’s story.

One of the coolest things about raising babies is seeing the transformation from babies to adolescents. The original litter that arrived from Winchendon was 3 weeks old now they are approaching 2 months. Some of the babies’ ears have started to “lop” which has made them even more adorable. We had heard that lops were born with “normal” ears that subsequently fell downwards, but now we are witnessing it first hand.

The babies at 3 weeks. Madison is 2nd from right. Penny is on the far right.

Half lop
Madison at 5 weeks. Her ears are half-way there.

Full Lop
Madison at 7 weeks – Sporting the full lop.

Penny Lop
Penny is adorable as a lop too.

-Andy, fosterdad.

Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Stephanie, for putting together this blog post!


Penelope is such a playful little girl with very expressive ears. Her right ear is mostly down like a lop’s, while her left ear stands straight up.

She loves running around and then coming up to you for petting breaks. She does the most binkies of any bunny I’ve met so far. Sometimes, she gets so excited that she’ll forget what’s around her and will accidentally binky right into a wall or couch. No need to worry, though. She brushes herself off and gets right back up.

One of her funnier pastimes is playing around in her towel. Sometimes she likes to dig and tunnel through it, while at other times she just like to use it as a fort.

Though she is energetic, she likes to take time to relax next to you, and will stay there as long as the petting keeps up. When she’s really exhausted from running around, she’ll flop over with much gusto.

To top it all off, this sweet girl has impeccable litter box habits. She can’t wait to find her forever home.


It is hard to believe someone would dump a beautiful domestic rabbit like Mitzi in a park to fend for herself, but that’s what someone did! Mitzi was found as a stray in Winchendon. She is one of the friendliest bunnies and would love a good home.

Mitzi’s a glamour girl – check out her black “eyeliner” circling her dark brown eyes. She is about 1-1/2 years old. She is an English Spot, a gorgeous breed, with black spots on her face which gradually lighten into dark espresso brown spots towards her back and tail.

This sweet gal is easy to pick up and doesn’t mind being held (unlike many buns). She loves to cuddle in your arms, which is pretty amazing considering she was abandoned and “homeless”! Mitzi is such a snuggle bunny!

Right now, she is one of the friendliest buns at the shelter, but her human volunteers think she deserves a loving forever home after what she has been through.

Special thanks to HRN member Robin for her help with this blog entry!


Radar was so excited about how cute he looked in his last blog that during playtime the other night he was endlessly binkying!!! Luckily I caught some of it on tape!!! Unluckily, my lighting is pretty terrible so some of the videos are tough to see :( We did get a few good shots though so I definitely wanted to share ASAP so that you could all get a better feel for some of the craziness that is Radar!!!

This vid is about a minute long but it’s admittedly pretty tough to see. But you can definitely see the outline of sir Radar speeding around andthere’s a great binky/run in the middle there!! I promise i’ll work on getting video during the day next time when there’s better natural light!!! Here it is though:

This vid just catches the end of one crazy binky run but this one is a lot easier to see. Of course all of my videos only seem to get one good run at a time…. as soon as i turn off the camera he does 4 or 5 in a row… but at least i got the occasinonal one caught on film.

Finally we have Radar the troublemaker…. My bunnies tend to get a little upset when they smell foster bunnies. So I try to block off the kitchen (where the fosters live) from my bedroom (where my boys live). Unforunately Radar seems to have figured a lovely way around that!!! This video stops pretty short as I had to run after Radar and scoop him back up! Oh Roo what a funny bun!

And after that long long day of binkies and exploring Radar was totally pooped! Here he is all tuckered out.


I also uploaded all of Radar’s other pictures from his park photo shoot. I didn’t want to overload the blog with them but I wanted to put them up incase anyone wanted to search through. There are definitely some other cute cute pictures! They can be found here:


Thats all for Radar… he says “Thanks for looking!” and hopes to meet you soon!

~HRN foster mom katie

Radar burst into my life about a week ago with a real POP… literally. My trip to pick him up involved two flat tires! But nothing could have prepared me for the burst of personality and engergy that Radar brought into my home. Oh boy oh boy…. what a bunny!!!!!!


First, there are the ears… oh those ears! They’re probably as big as he is, and he’s a big bunny! We’re guessing that he’s going to grow up to be a pretty big boy. I think he looks a little like a kangaroo and hence his nickname… Roo! Or Roo-Roo when he’s being really cute. And sometimes Roo-dar. Herehe is sticking his tongue out at me :)

The energy is never ending. The second he’s out of his cage he starts running around and exploring everything. Radar really likes to dig…. at magazines, at the carpet, at my sweatshirt… you can tell he really loves it. Doesn’t seem to want to chew (whcih is great!) but loves the digging. I can’t wait to get a phonebook for him! Here he is going at my sweats!


Radar has done really well wih strangers so far. His personality is unlike anything I’ve seen. We go to the park near me (on a harness of course!) and everyone stops by to visit. A normal bunny would probably be shaking in its boots with all those new people…..but was Radar scared? NO WAY! Radar was jumping around and running up to meet all these people! He was climbing into their laps even. One lucky group had him exploring all over their blanket and trying to steal fruit (which he wasnt allowed because he’s sitll a little young for it). Everyone was totally in love with him. He even handled 3 kids petting him at once!!! Needless to say, I don’t think Radar would have any problems in a busy household or with children. Here he is at the park!

Radar is a crazy one to say the least. Maybe a bit of a troublemaker though… his home will need great bunnyproofing to be safe for him. His first night here he managed to jump out of his ex-pen (3 feet tall) and right up onto my kitchen sink!!! Now the ex-pen is all covered up so no more adventures for him. He has no reservations in his exploration and will not hesitate to go anywhere. He’s really a pure joy to watch but bunny proofing will be so important!! Here he is undere a table! A little blurry but you can see that cutie pie face sticking out.

Finally, Radar really really reallllllllly loves pats. That was the first thing I noticed about him and he’s only become an even bigger sucker for his pats since living with me. The bun smooshes down so low and just melts!!! It’s wonderful to pat him! You dont even need to touch him before he puts that head down for his pats…he just sees the hand coming and smooshes down in hopes of getting some pats. What a sweatheart :) Here he is smooshed down waiting…

Does Radar sound like the bun for you? He says “you don’t even need to keep the silly nicknames and long as I get some pats and binky time.” Do you have a forever home for Radar? He hopes you do and just can’t wait to meet you!


~HRN Foster mom- Katie

Well, I’ve found that special place of my own with a family that loves me very much!

Hi, let me tell you my story. Felix is my name, and I was born on September 2006 in Fitchburg . I lived outside in a small wire cage that had no comfortable place to rest my feet, and was barely big enough for me to move around in. It was tough being young with lots of energy confined to a little space.

Then abruptly four months later my life changed; I was whisked away with some of the other buns – I think there were about 34 of us. At first, I was terrified but the voices of those carrying us away sounded different, less harsh than I was used to hearing. Before long, I found myself in the arms of one of the sweet talking women who smelled sooooo good, however not knowing what plans she had for me, I was trembling with trepidation.

Well, before I knew it, I was in a big cage with a comfy bottom that was all mine. The person who picked me up brought yummy greens and pellets everyday; boy, was this different! She even opened up the door to let me out to play – something that I had never done before. You probably can’t tell now, but back then I had been kept penned up all my life, so my legs only knew how to walk, not hop. It took a while but I finally got the hang of it.

For some time now, my loving foster mom and I have been together; life is good. I get all excited when she opens the frig and I can hear the sounds of the crinkling bag. I jump around in my cage, sometimes rattling the door ‘cause I know that my favorite greens are coming! I have toys to play with and a neat dog bed to sleep on, but my foster mom has told me about an even more special place that she calls a “forever loving home”. Someday I’m hoping to get one. It’s a place where I can call home, a place where I’ll have a friend to sleep and play with (my foster mom tells me all the time that I would make another bun really happy) and a place where I can have a permanent slave all my own. I’m a little shy, but I think I would like to try out this “forever loving” thing. Could you be the one to bring me to this special place? I hope so!

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer & Felix’s foster Mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

Isabel, a mother of 6 from the Winchedon rescue, gave birth to three more buns a few days ago. All are doing well. white-baby.JPGblack-baby.JPGbrown-baby.JPGisabel-with-babies.JPG
~Erica, HRN fostermom

On April 10th, Springfield Humane Society in VT, took in 27 dwarf rabbits from an elderly man who quickly became overwhelmed with these multiplying critters (a story heard all too often, unfortunately – Rabbits NEED to be spayed and neutered). House Rabbit Network was contacted to see if we could help with the situation. By that weekend, we had pulled in 8 and a kind soul in NH pulled in 5 more for us until we can find room in our foster homes. With the recent rescues in Winchendon, MA, the ongoing rescue in Plymouth, MA and now this one, we really need adoptions and donations. If you can help in anyway, please contact us at info@rabbitnetwork.org or call our Hotline at 781.431.1211 or make a donation via Paypal on our website here: http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/newshop.shtml#membership
All of our rabbits are litter box trained, spayed and neutered and socialized before adoption. Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. If you’d like to read more about what owning a rabbit is like, please click here: Bunny Basics www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/basics.shtml

On Sunday, March 31, we took in a litter of babies and two bonded females from an Animal Control situation in Winchendon. We’ve named the girls Isabel and Madeline (Maddy). Nobody is sure of the maternity ownership, but one thing is certain… both girls were nursing all 6 of the babies! The most likely scenario is that both Isabel and Maddy gave birth and their litters were mixed up in the whole crazy mess. They were also being fed nothing but bread and potatoes! The important thing is that they are safe now and getting healthier each day with a steady diet of hay and greens. The babies have a new lease on life now that they are in foster care and we’re ensuring that they are getting proper nutrition along with lots of love.

All of the littluns lined up in a row the day they came home. They’re about 3 weeks old.

I love Sweet Meadow hay: it’s got little clovers in it. Though I’m still getting used to eating solid foods instead of mothers’ milk.

Here’s the whole gang enjoying hay.

Isabel and Maddy are loving their new digs, but are still a little shy.

Where do you think you’re going?

Hello there!

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