April 2008

Perry would like to say hello:

He is just a little guy. He’s far smaller than any of my own bunnies, and WAY smaller than the last 2 fosterbuns that I had — a 12.6 pound Flemish Giant and a 6 pound minilop.

As I was checking email, I felt something around my feet… (more…)

Here are a few additional pictures of Logan, HRN’s Bun of the Month for April. In our experience, Logan is a gentle, personable rabbit who would be a great addition to anyone’s home! He is curious, playful and best of all, loves attention. Start petting him and he smooshes right down into one giant “bunny puddle”. Our recommendation is to come by his foster home for a visit and we’re sure that Logan will win you over, just like he did with us.

Logan thinks he’s part mountain goat. He loves to climb up on things!

How can you resist a face as beautiful as that!

Hide and seek is not his best game. Those awesome ears give him away every time!

Here Logan has made Tricia swoon with one of his famous “whisker kisses”!

Only one thing is missing in this adorable bunny’s life – a forever loving home. Don’t put it off, call the Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see Logan.

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