July 2008

7/27/08 – I am sad to report that little Clover passed away yesterday afternoon :( Her spirit will live on as she passes The Bridge into the fields of green. She will be missed.

As rare as a four leaf clover in a field of green, so is this dainty little girl. Meet Clover.


Hi! My name is Clover. I’m a tiny, young, chinchilla colored dwarf with big, dark eyes and beautiful lashes. Just a little pip-squeek of a thing. I was part of a seizure case up in VT where the man who owned us, quickly became overwhelmed with 4-legged furries. So myself, along with some of my other friends, eventually ended up here, in the care of the House Rabbit Network.


I not much of a talker. I’m actually very quiet and love to snuggle on a towel or a soft bed in my cage (like I’m doing right now). I’m pretty shy and my needs are quite simple. This world is just so big and scary and I’m such a little thing. I’m learning that I do like greens, but I never knew what those were before I came here. I’m also learning that being pet and cuddled by a human is so very nice. I think that with a quiet, caring and loving home, my true personality will eventually shine. I’m truly hoping that, like a four-leaf clover, I will be lucky enough to find a home of my own. But only you can give me that chance. Will you? Please do. I would love to go to my very own home.

Love, Clover

Congrats, Willie, on finding your forever loving home!

Willie is one of the beautiful white bunnies from the Fitchburg Rescue. You can read more about this law enforcement case here: www.rabbitnetwork.org/fitchburg.shtml . He’s a little on the shy side at first, but will definitely warm up to you when you give him some love and attention! If you give him full body pets, he will smoosh right down next to you and practically swoon.

His natural bunny curiosity will kick in after a while, and if given the chance, he’ll be off to explore the area. Willie does have one idiosyncrasy, which is helpful in a way. He prefers to walk only on carpeted floors. We have one bun, the Budster, who is a free range bun in our bedroom that will not leave the carpeted surface, so a gate at the door is unnecessary, LOL !

Once he’s at ease in his environment, he is definitely fun to watch. High or low, he wants to find out all about whatever catches his eye and being athletic like he is, these challenges are fun for him. Those big furry ears are like radar antenna and if you pay attention to which way they are pointed, you can usually figure out what object Willie’s focused on.

When you come to visit Willie, we think you’ll find that he’s a very cute boy with lots of personality that absolutely LOVES to be pet :), so stop by to spend a little time with our favorite boy. How much time? Well, Willie would say “the rest of my life, if that’s OK with you?”. Look at that face, and how can you say no?

Call our hotline number, 781-431-1211, and arrange your visit with Willie and help him start his journey to his new forever loving home!

Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog entry.