December 2008

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This past Thanksgiving Hobbs had the joy of traveling home with me for the holiday, where was thoroughly harassed… I mean played with… by my sister, a fellow bun-lover. She had such a good time with the sweetheart that she offered to blog about him. They had a great time together! Hobbs is getting sweeter and sweeter by the day and still looking for a forever home that can give him lots of love, the attention he demands and plenty of free time. Call the hotline if he sounds like the boy for you!

Attention future family of Hobbs – what is taking you so long?  Seriously, this rabbit is worse than chocolate cake – take him away from me before it’s too late!!!!

And I don’t even foster him!

Hobbs lives with my sister, his foster mom Katie, up in Boston.  He came to visit us in NY for Thanksgiving and I think I spent more time with the bunny than the family!  What an adorable rabbit!  Thick, silky, super soft fur, and so friendly!


From what his mom tells me and what I have seen, I think these are the Stages of Hobbs when he arrives at a new place

(1) Explore EVERYWHERE! Sniff, steps, sniffs, steps, sniff, binky!, sniff, binky!, sniff….

(2) Now, with a mental map in place, BUNNY 500s!!!! woo!  binkies too!

(3) flop…rest….catch….breath…

(4) BUNNY 500s!!!! binkies!!!!


(5) flop…rest….catch….breath…

And on and on and on.. Youth. Sheesh!

Eventually, I’m told, he gets to the “bother my humans for attention” stage.  At least, that’s the timeline Hobbs has you fooled into believing.  Cause when he’s resting, where does he flop down? That’s right – conveniently within your reach, and he will “tolerate” pats while catching his breath.  Ha! I’m on to you Hobbs! I know your scheme! (even if I do fall for it every time and shower you with love.)


So, Hobb’s future family, you’ve been warned!!!! He WILL get attention out of you, it WILL be irresistible when he flops down next to you, pleased with himself, out of breath, all cute and stuff.  And, if you’re like me, you’ll fall for it every time, even now that you’re in the know.

I will miss hearing Katie’s why-Hobbs-is-so-cute weekly recaps, but I know he’ll be happy with you, his new family, scheming himself into extra pats.

~HRN Foster Mom Katie and Sister Jen

Miko is a bun that was rescued from Buffalo this year from a cruelty case. He is loving life in Boston now. He is making up for all the time he was cooped up in Buffalo by binkying at every chance he gets. Everytime I walk into our foster room he binkies is his two floor condo. Bouncing from each level, he vies for your attention from every other bun.

Miko is such a delight to have around. He gets so excited over his hay, morning carrots, and toys. You can see he has fun with his slinky. Do you have room for this fun-loving bun in you life?



~ Erica, HRN fostermom

Special thanks to fostermom, Linnea, for her contributions to this blog!

12/19/08 Update: Poptart and Pancake are doing great! They are still just as cuddly and perfect as before, and they are the most relaxed two bunnies on the planet. The way they interact with humans is great! They never bite or scratch and are very interested in everybody and they don’t care at all if you push them a little or pick them up or really snuggle up with them. They would be great for young kids because they are so laidback. Their litter box training is still a work in progress. I have been trying different things and I would say that I have made many adjustments, and I may have the perfect solution soon. They have stopped doing their business outside of the cage as long as they are only out for 10 minutes at a time (this is one of the training techniques) and they have never done their business while being held, which is good! Finally, Poptart’s fur that was missing from his surgery has almost completely grown back in and he looks more handsome than ever! More updates soon!

12/3/08: Poptart and Pancake are by far the most adorable, friendly, affectionate, playful, excited bunnies that ever existed. They love to be held, pet, played with, fed and snuggled. They are also just the cutest and fluffiest bunnies around. They really like each other, too. Of course, there is a catch. Their litter habits are not perfect, so I have started trying different methods. I will definitely continue updating everyone on their progress and let you know what the outcome is.

Love Linnea, Poptart, and Pancake

Ebony has come a long way since she first came into foster care. We’re hoping she gets adopted soon and would love for her to be adopted to a family who can spend lots of time with her and give her the one-on-one time she deserves. She is very shy at first, but once she bonds with her human(s) she is very sweet. She has a lot of personality and loves her free range time. Her litter box habits are great once she has settled into her new home. She did have a rabbit companion in the past, and with proper and slow introductions with the right rabbit, she could learn to live with another friend again. However, she also does quite well as a single rabbit bonded to her human.



It’s me peeps and this time with great news… I was adopted over the Thanksgiving weekend and have a new boyfriend! I am so excited and hope everything works out for me and my new beau. Wish me luck!

It’s me again! I’m back and ready for adoption this time! It was a long time coming, but my “flipper” has finally healed, I’ve been spayed, and I’m now ready for a home of my own.
“Look at my foster mom’s bun in the cage. Hehehe! I’m out playing and he’s not! C’est la vie buddy!”

To read more about me and see more pics, click here, then scroll down a bit:

I’m so grateful for all that HRN has done for me and I show my appreciation to my foster mom everyday. I love to follow her around where ever she goes, sit on a pillow on her lap while she’s on the computer and soak in the pets as much as possible. I’m definitely a people-bunny and I crave lots of attention from my human and love to be with her all the time. I know her hand gets very tired, but I just love, love, LOVE to be pet. She calls my healed thumper my “flipper” because it sort of sticks out to the side by the way it healed. But let me tell you! That does NOT slow me down one bit. My binkies and acrobatics are amazing at times and I’m as speedy as Love Bug the car. You know, from that Disney movie? I can be seen racing from room to room and sometimes I go where I’m not supposed to go, especially if a human forgets to shut a door. But I can’t help it, I love to explore my surroundings. One night I really wore out my foster mom. I ran all over the master bedroom at warp speed and she couldn’t get me. It was great!!! So much fun and so funny watching her try to catch me. Ohhhh you gotta love those silly humans. Don’t they know we’re faster than they are? I love my greens and all different types too. And I have learned, with much patience and trying from my foster mom, to love my hay. Timothy & Herbs hay is my favorite! I cannot wait for my morning banana chip and nightly cranberry. Those are so yummy in my tummy! I like my baby carrot as well.
Now, for the serious stuff peeps. I think that due to my leg, I must be adopted to a home with much older children or adults only. The little ones won’t understand that they need to be very careful with my back thumper. Even though it has healed, care still must be taken with it, and with handling me, due to the way it is positioned. So if you’re ready to fill your home with love, Buggy style, I’m the girl for you! I also think I’d make a great bonding candidate for your boy or girl bun.

P.S. Shhhhh… this is a secret, but my foster mom told me that one of the HRN volunteers is very interested in me (you know who are if you’re reading this). So you’d better scoop me up before she does ;)

Peace peeps!

Special thanks go out to HRN fostermom, Melissa, for putting together this blog post!

12/2/08 Update: Need someone to sit down and relax and watch the game with? Diablo LOVES his new Patriots blanket, he digs a bit, moves it all around, and gets it just perfect to plop down. Kitty fell in love with the blanket too and they watched the game together. Diablo loves to share with kitty, and to prove how much he likes him, he let kitty eat some of his greens. We also found out another thing Diablo loves…to be brushed! Once he has been out and had his fun playing and doing his “happy dance” he will let you brush him as long as you want. Who needs a cat or dog as a companion when you have Diablo to groom and relax with?!!?
11/25/08 UPDATE: Diablo has turned into such an attention-craving bunny compared to the shy scared rabbit I brought home! He can’t wait for his time out of the cage and to play with his cat friends! He especially loves to be brushed; he plops right down for it! His out of the cage bathroom habits are excellent, NO accidents! His out of the cage behavior is perfect, to be honest. He was left confined in his room while I went out and ran some errands, and when I returned not a thing was out of place! Watching Diablo run around and eating his raisins is so entertaining, any family that adopts him could not ask for more…except a lifetime supply of raisins!

10/28/08 UPDATE: Diablo has made such an improvement in the past 2 weeks!

He does his “happy hop dance” all the time now. He even comes to my leg when I am sitting on the floor with him.

And don’t let him know I am telling you this…but he let me pick him up and cuddle with him…twice! I think he is taking a liking to me; maybe it is all the raisins I am giving him. He even gets along with my cats, and sometimes they play and chase each other.

As I type this, he keeps coming in the computer room and sitting near me. He can be such a tease too, he will come right up to you like he wants to be petted, but once you put your hand down, he runs away doing his little dance! What a stinker!!

10/14/08: Diablo came to us 2 weeks ago as a shy foster bun. Everytime you walked near his cage, he jumped or thumped, he was so scared. Even trying to pet him, he would jump back.

But since he got here he has been one spoiled bunny! He has all kinds of toys and treats, but he likes nothing better than his raisins…which he gets everyday. He gets free run of the house from basically 6-10pm, but all he wants to do is relax and lounge. He loves laying in between my couch and cat condo and will stay there for hours!

He loves when you talk to him like a baby, his ears perk up and he seems relaxed. Then he gets into position to have the back of his neck rubbed, but be careful not to get too close to the side of his face because he isn’t afraid to thump and let you know “NO!” He is coming along so well, even made a few feline friends!

Give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 today to set up a time to visit with Diablo. You don’t even have to have a reason, but we would suggest a raisin!