January 2009

Update 4/5/09: Well, dahlings, very good news – ADOPTED! Yes, my very own place to share with my newly adopted family :) Take care!

11/18/08: Okay dahlings, where are you? I’ve been in foster care for a very long time now and although I love my foster parents, I so need a home to call my own. Please, please… call the Hotline at 781.431.1211 and arrange a visit with me. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Summer ’08 UPDATE: In the short time I’ve been in my new foster home, I’ve proven to be quite the lap bunny. I’m not too fond of being held and carried, however I will sit in your lap for hours, literally, and let you pet me as much as you want. I even fell asleep in a human’s arms last night while relaxing out on the deck. Oh dahlings, this is the life. If only every bunny were treated like this. I also think I would do well in a home with older children as I love and crave human attention and affection. I say older children because if there are fingers dangling in front of my face or if you try to hold me and I don’t want to be held, well, let’s just say I’ll give you a little nip to tell you “I’m not liking that too much”. I also think I might just be a good bonding candidate for your girl or boy bun.

Hello dahlings… The Divine Miss M here, also known as “Mary Mazaradee” or “Mazi”. Goodness, how many names can a bun have? :) Since coming into foster care months ago, from the Unity NH case, I’ve had my ups and downs. I spent a long time at the veterinary office with the wonderful people there trying to heal my hocks. They were an absolute disgrace and just wouldn’t heal. Oh the embarrassment! After many months of care and bandages, they have finally healed, however I need to stay on sheepskin for the next month or so to make sure they are okay and stay healed. Hey, I can totally deal with that. After all, a diva-bun of my stature and image can only be expected to live the good life and I must be treated like the queen I am.

My newest accommodations are great! Penthouse suite, air conditioning, ceiling fan, great food, great hay and yummy “bunny treats”. Plus lots of TLC. I LOVE to be pet and can’t get enough of it. I’m always at the door of the cage waiting for my foster mom to pet me and take me out. LOVE IT dahlings, love it! I smush right down, close my peepers and soak in the love. I am super sociable and love human interaction.

I don’t think my foster mom’s buns are too thrilled with my arrival though. C’est la vie! They’ll just have to get used to my presence and learn to deal with the fact that there’s a new diva in town.

I love to explore the room I’m in, and the toys and places to play are great. I’ve got my very own “vacation villa” to explore, some quik tubes to chew on and run through, some willow tents and tunnels and I get to tease the “resident buns”. Oh what fun! And I don’t really fear too much. I could care less about that thing that sucks up all the hay off the floor and makes a lot of noise.

But most of the time my foster mom brings me downstairs where there are no other bunnies and I love it! After I’ve explored every nook and cranny, I do a perfect flop on the floor and rest my queen-like body. The hardwood floors are no match for my gracious paws and stealth, black body. I’ve also already perfected the stairs. Oh and I know I shouldn’t, because a girl of my nature and upbringing should be lady-like, but I’m a trash digger. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone my secret. So make sure the trash is out of my reach. Because believe me, when I stretch out to reach something, I’m pretty tall.

So dahlings, I’m ready for you take me home. I do think an exercise pen or even being free-roam in a room would be wonderful for me. I don’t chew on anything I’m not supposed to. And my litter box habits are really good. Well of course they are, would you expect anything less?! A queen doesn’t make a mess of her surroundings. I like my house neat and tidy. If you could accommodate my requests, I would be most appreciative. But really, all I want now is a human to call my own.

Au revoir dahlings!

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

Wow, am I having fun binkying in the playroom at my foster mom’s house! By the way, let me introduce myself, I am Taloolah and the cute black lop you see in some of the other pictures is my sister, Zia. This is the BEST when we are at play. I mean, so many fun things to do like dashing in and out of the cardboard tube, playing with all the toys strewn about, or just sitting around chewing on cardboard boxes! Somebody that was visiting called me a “mountain goat” ‘cause I have fun climbing up on couches, chairs, boxes and most anything – the name made me giggle.

My foster mom is soooo sweet. She is really patient with us. You see, unfortunately, in the past we have been moved around a lot for various reasons, so we have had to look to each other for comfort. However, gradually, we are working through our shyness issues. Little by little, we are reaching out and trusting. We are feeling a sense of empowerment, like when we began accepting papaya and carrots from my foster mom’s hands. Kudos to us! And we will tolerate being held but we are just not loving it yet. I am getting more snuggly and when my foster mom pets me, it sort of tickles so I groom myself at the same time – she thinks this is really funny :) Zia, my sister, is very gentle and loves her running time. Honestly, a home of our own would be so satisfying now with someone who is kind and gentle and who would love us for who we are.

“Ya know, I’m not crazy with the “being picked up” deal, so can I PLEASE get back down now???”

I was just wondering. Is it possible for a cute bunny to have “puppy dog eyes”? What do you think?

“Hey, Zia.” “Yeah, Taloolah?” “Maybe if we put our heads together, we can figure out how to look really cute for a picture.” “I think we just did!”

“Hay, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

“And, oh yes, parsley is one of my favorite food groups too!”

“C’mon folks, somebody out there must be looking for a couple of cute bunnies like us! How about calling the Hotline at 781-431-1211 or e-mailing info@rabbitnetwork.org and a human will get back to you.”

Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Paola, for all her help with this blog entry.

4/11/09 UPDATE: ADOPTED! Stella is binkying in the home of her forever loving family tonight :)
At first Stella was really shy but became much friendlier once she got comfortable.
She loves exploring but also likes alone time in her cage. Her personality makes her
perfect for a patient family willing to give her time to open up. She is pretty low
maintenance, as she is litterbox trained. However, she has a tendency to shed
(it might be just because of the current heat) so it is good to brush her daily.
She absolutely loves carrots and playing with newspaper.

Call our hotline number, 781-431-1211, to arrange a visit with sweet Stella so she begin her journey towards a forever loving home!

Special thanks for this blog posting go out to bunny foster family, Robin, Francie & Paul for their special contributions!

Pepsi is a young Netherland Dwarf bunny who was
rescued this year as a baby in Vermont and is now in a
foster home in Massachusetts. As the Netherland breed
tends to be more skittish, Pepsi is quickly learning
to live with humans and get accustomed to household

She has beautiful Dalmatian-like coloring – white with
black spots! If you look carefully at her face, it
appears she has a white “X” on her face!

One of her foster “moms”, an 8-year-old girl, would
like you to know this about Pepsi:

“Pepsi is a kind and gentle bunny, she never bites.
She is a little shy at first, but she’ll warm up to
you fast! Each and every day she comes out of her
shell a little more. Pepsi is as sweet as Pepsi! Her
favorite food is carrots. She’ll hop right into your
heart. Do you have room in your home and heart to
adopt this gentle little bunny?” Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see her today.

4/13/08: Tanya is a lovely girl who thoroughly enjoys her playtime, in fact, if it was up to her, she would be a free-range bunny – and, her foster mom, Lorna, says that she has excellent litter box habits!

Her curiosity knows no bounds, she not only likes to explore horizontally but vertically, as well. Place a box, chair or whatever in her play area and this little “mountain goat” will navigate her way to the top of it!

Once Tanya has explored every corner of the room, and is ready to recline for a brief respite, she’ll then enjoy some pets. This sweet, gentle bunny is so pretty with her snow-white front paws and soft, luxurious salt and pepper fur.

Tanya, having been in foster care for while, yearns for a forever loving home of her own now. Come pay her a visit and you just might want to make her wish come true! Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see Tanya today.

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer & Felix’s foster Mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

YIPPEE! I’M IN BINKIE HEAVEN – I FOUND MY FOREVER LOVING HOME :) I’m a boy named Crystal. Bet you’re wondering how that happened, well let me start from the beginning. Back when I was a little one, I was sold to a pet store and someone there mistakenly decided I was a little girl – can you believe it! It gets worse: the people who purchased me from the pet store decided to name me “Crystal” because I was soooo pretty and sweet! I mean, here I am a Lionhead, you know, king of the bunnies and all, and I’m being called – CRYSTAL! At first, I had a bit of an identity crisis but after awhile I kinda liked the novelty of it – sort of like that song by Johnny Cash, “A Boy Named Sue”!

Unfortunately, my humans decided to have a human baby, so they gave their bunny baby (that would be me) away to the MSPCA – can you believe it! Here I was stuck at a shelter with lots of other animals I didn’t know, jilted by my first family, and people thinking I was a pretty girl because of my name – Yuk!

Then one day I got the news that I was going to be moving on to a place, which had only bunnies; I was feeling cautiously optimistic :)

Well, I called it right – this place has really nice humans, in fact, finally someone figured out I was a boy – can you believe it! I’ve decided to keep my name, being different suits me. BTW, did you see my video and what do you think of my photographs? Do you think I have that certain intangible – star power! On YouTube, my video got a five star rating……who knows where this could lead – fame, fortune, or a forever loving home! Hey, why not the whole shebang ;)

For the time being, I’m staying at House Rabbit Network, so why don’t you have your people, call my people to set something up! We could shoot the breeze over a salad in this swank little place that I know. My direct number, known as the hotline, is 781-431-1211.

This month, we celebrate rescued rabbits everywhere. If you’re thinking of adopting, please contact us at 781.431.1211, and one of our Hotline Volunteers would be happy to speak to you! You can also email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org.

If you’ve already adopted a furry, then please download this flyer, print it out and hang it around your town:
Every little thing that we can do, even by simply hanging a flyer, will help us, help the rabbits in the care of the House Rabbit Network!

Update 1/24/09: We are ADOPTION PENDING!!! We are going to our forever home on Feb. 7th!!! Woohoo!!!

Update 1/18/09: Click here to view our movie debut!
Leo & Alex’s Movie Debut!!!

Well hello out there! My name is Alex and this is my best friend Leo. I’m the black mini-rex and Leo is the glacial white lop. We are both smaller buns, approximately 3-4 years old, and we love hanging out together. We are a tightly bonded pair, which means you can not separate us, otherwise we’d be extremely sad. We came into foster care in April of this year and yet, we still remain here, and it’s almost the new year. I think it’s because Leo has a few health issues… but nothing too major. He just got a bum deal in life. We are both extremely friendly and outgoing and love you humans, as long as you’re gentle with us of course.

We're best friends!

We're best friends!

Leo is clearly the more outgoing and opioninated one and I’m a bit more reserved. Although if you open the cage door, we both come right over to you wanting you to pet us. I like to sleep in my litter box, so it’s nice if we can have 2 boxes… one to do our business in and one to lounge in. Leo prefers a soft blanket to do his “dead bunny flops” on and snooze the day away. Often, we can be found grooming each other or snuggling with each other. Oh, and Leo thinks I’m a step-stool or something because he uses me as a post to steady himself as he grooms himself. Or, you can also see with his two front paws on my head, so he can get a better look out on things. Geesh! What does he think I am?! But I don’t mind. After all, he’s my best friend and what are friends for?
When we’re out and about playing, Leo is like a little flash of “lop lightning” running here and there. I too will run around at times, but do prefer to hang out in the Vacation Villa or under the willow tent. Both of us are fine being picked up and held and love when you dote on us. Although, I will say that Leo likes to play hard-to-get when it’s time to go in the cage. Little stinker that he is. He’s like a little clown at times too.
Do you mind? I'm trying to take a bath!

Do you mind? I'm trying to take a bath!

Now, my best friend does have some health issues, like I said. From what I have overheard, and let’s see if I get this right, the vets call it “non-infectious keratitis”. Basically, Leo has a problem with his cornea. It doesn’t hurt him or anything, and it clearly doesn’t affect him at all. He had some issues with molar spurs and tooth infections, so his incisors were removed. This just means that he needs his nightly veggies chopped up so it’s a bit easier for him to eat, which really isn’t a big deal… is it? And let me tell you, he can CHOW! OMG can he chow peeps! For a little guy, he loves to eat. You should see him when our foster mom comes in with the greens at night. He runs over to her and can’t wait for her to put the greens down. Now, if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll say that I’m the same way, but don’t listen to him. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about. I’m just excited to see my foster mom. Yeah… that’s it… I’m excited to see her ;)
I also had a small infection on my eye, but I was on antibiotics for a while. I’m hopeful the spot on my eye will clear up too, but if it doesn’t, c’est la vie. It really doesn’t affect me.

So guys, that’s our story. We’re best friends and we’re really hoping you’ll give us a chance. We know there has to be someone out there with lots of love to give us and won’t care about our minor “imperfections”. Our foster mom tells us that someday soon, we’ll find our forever home. We know she’s right. It’s just a matter of time. I mean really, how can you resist our cute little faces?

Love, Alex & my best friend, Leo

Yippee, Chesney is adopted!!

Chesney has a passion for digging!

Give this little guy a bunny bed, a blanket, or even a bunny chair with a bucket on it and watch him burn up some energy. This munchkin is full of fun!
He zips around doing binkies, pauses briefly for a big flop, and then he’s back at it for more digging!

Drape a blanket over an x-pen and smile as impish Chesney sneaks behind it, popping his head out at one end, then scooting back to the opposite side to poke his nose out there…….only to repeat this adventure multiple times with gusto.

He enjoys stopping by where he’ll smoosch down endlessly for pets until you get weary. And this spunky little guy is ok with being scooped up for a snuggle.

Chesney doesn’t have any incisors, so that means he needs his veggies chopped up but otherwise can eat fine, and he can’t chew wires!!

Come and enjoy the wonderful world of Chesney :) Call 781-431-1211 to meet this sweet little guy!

Scarlett is the sweetest bunny you’ll ever meet. She loves human attention. Today I wasn’t feeling well and she just hopped into my blanketed lap and stayed there for a half hour. Made me forget my cold. She even licked my hand as if to say “thank you.”
Scarlett would be great as a free range bunny. She has excellent litter box habits. Do you have a lap for her to lie on?scarlett-petscarlett-close-up
~ Erica, HRN fostermom