February 2009

The House Rabbit Network is holding our annual spring Yankee Candle fund raiser. Yankee Candles make wonderful gifts and are even great for your own home! Please consider making a purchase. You must live in Eastern Massachusetts to purchase Yankee Candles for this fund raiser. All items are delivered to our organization, and with the heavy weight of candles, we cannot ship them. Payment is due when we receive your order. There are no handling charges or taxes. You may view their catalog online and email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org with ordering information. Someone will get back to you confirming your order and to arrange payment.
Please click on the image above to view the online catalog.

Yankee Candle offers a myriad of lovely products for sale: candles with Illuma-Lid toppers specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts, allowing the candle to burn more efficiently; hand painted Butterfly Crackle glass candle accessories; a variety of attractive gift sets; vegetable & garden seed mats, for example “Gourmet Popcorn Seed Mat” and “Butterfly Garden Mat”; hanging strawberry, cherry tomato, and flower kits; odor eliminating room sprays, reed diffusers and car fresheners.

Do not forget Mother’s Day is on May 10th. So, why not plan ahead and have that 40% profit of those purchases go to a really great cause, one that we all feel passionate about…..THE BUNNIES!

Sale ends Friday March 13th

Delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks after the sale ends.

As some of you may recall, HRN had suspended doing education days at PETCO stores because they began selling rabbits. Well, PETCO finally realized the error of their ways and has changed their philosphy back to “adoption first”. This in itself was welcome news, but even better was that the Peabody PETCO assistant manager, Stacie, called us up to see if we would be interested in resuming our Ed Days with them. Stacie, as well as the store’s general manger, Scott, were extremely cooperative with us and even donated 60 lbs. of rabbit pellets to HRN. Scott also invited HRN to become a partner of the PETCO Foundation which entitles HRN to be a recipient of a portion of the proceeds generated through in-store fundraisers at his location.

So this past Saturday, February 21st, HRN volunteers Robin, Barbara, Tricia & Tom, with special help from Robin’s daughter Francie, held an education event from noon to 3:00 PM. Thanks to you all for donating your time!


We also brought along HRN bunny Robin, who was one of the eight bunnies rescued last year when they were dumped out of a car on I-495. Robin did a wonderful job representing HRN as well, but even better, she was adopted. She has found her forever loving home!


The store traffic was steady and we were kept busy all afternoon spreading the word about HRN and its mission. We handed out lots of literature, collected a few donations, sold a calendar, and even had a few serious inquiries (we hope) about future adoptions. Several people asked about the compatabilty of rabbits with their other pets and we gave them copies of HRN articles on the subject and stressed that rabbits are usually pretty flexible with other animals, but as always, a few supervised bonding sessions is the only true way to find out if the different animals can get along.

PETCO also had cat and dog rescue groups in store that day and it seemed to work to all the groups’ benefit, although we like to think that our table got the most interest, LOL :-)

All in all, it was a productive day, and we look forward to returning to the Peabody PETCO again in the near future (date TBD).

Special thanks to fostermom, Janet, for her contributions to Chernobyl’s blog :)

Hi, my name is Chernobyl. I live in West Unity, NH and I am hoping someday for my forever home. I came from some breeders who were going to have my friends and I culled in just two more days. We were going to be eaten or killed for our beautiful fur, they said. It seemed like it was a normal thing for them to do this to us at the end of each year. We were over 6 months old now and who wants old show rabbits anyway? I didn’t really feel like we were old at though. It was early November and most of us were in a shed. We were bred to be show rabbits. Some of us were in cages outdoors and we were going to be the first to go since we didn’t make the best show bunnies. Thankfully, my foster parent took all 14 of us with the help of a rescue league in NH. A few of us had gotten sick and needed antibiotics. Fortunately, we all survived and some of us have been adopted to forever homes.

I have had a wonderful life here so far. Last summer I got to go outdoors and play on the grass in a huge fenced in area with some of my friends. The sun felt so nice and it was wonderful to eat grass, clover, and dandelions. My foster Mom would keep us safe by sitting with us in the lawn chair. Sometimes the cats and dogs would be with us too. I even went on a 2-month vacation to another nice ladies house. My foster Mom would love to keep me, I’m sure, since she loves me so much but she has 15 of us still in her house and it is very hard for her to give us all enough attention. In the morning, I am starving so much – I need my pellets right away!!!! When my foster Mom comes in to feed us, I show her how hungry I am by stretching to the top of my cage and biting on the bars. I close my eyes as I chew on the bars and hold on to the top of the cage with my front paws. All I can think of is my pellets, carrots, and lettuce!!! I don’t know how this happens, but I usually fall backwards. That’s ok; I just get up and do it all over again. Lucky me, I always have hay in my cage but I never had it before I came to live here. My breeders told my foster Mom that hay isn’t good to give rabbits. DUH? What about my teeth? They need hay to grind them down!!! And although I do eat some hay, I prefer my pellets.

I really like evening time after supper when I can run around a little outside of my cage. Wait! I think I hear something in the hall. Oh good, it’s time now! Here she comes. She opened my door and off I go. I’m running down the hall to try to get to the kitchen now. Look Out Cat! Woops! The cat jumped right over me. Oh, Oh! Here comes that controlling Sheltie Dog! Oh good, she just walked past me. Now I need to jump through this gate and get into the kitchen! Free at Last! Hmmm…. Something is blocking the door to the entryway. It wasn’t here before. Maybe I’ll walk over it. Oh Dear, it moved. Yikes, it’s another dog – a golden retriever mix! I guess it didn’t mind me trying to climb over it but I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead! I’ll just play in the kitchen for a while. I like when my foster Mom calls my name. I usually go looking for her right away. I even go back down the hall to my room and jump back into my cage for her. So my life is pretty good here for now but I would really love to get my forever home someday.

Please say you will adopt me. I’ll be waiting for your call. The number is 781-431-1211!

Special thanks to Janet, Berta’s previous fostermom in West Unity, NH, for her contribution to this blog!

Hi, my name is Berta. My first foster Mom named me after a wonderful man named Albert who rescued me. Albert noticed me running around his yard in the summer along with my mate. We came across the street from the rich side of town. We kept getting bored in our cages so we liked to sneak out now and then. Our owners told Albert that they were tired of trying to catch us all the time and they just didn’t want us anymore. Now we were sad, scared, and on our own. We were just trying to have a little fun since no one ever bothered with us at our home anyway. One day my mate was run over by a car, and he just wouldn’t get up to play with me again. I soon knew I was pregnant too! In a few days my babies were born. I needed help, and I didn’t know how to take care of them. Someone caught one of my babies and I don’t remember what happened to the others. I was horrified now and all alone except for Albert. He watched me every day and put carrots and food outside for me. I would let him get close to me but not too close. It was nice of Albert to let me go in to his sheds all summer; he worried about me every day. Albert wondered where he could take me if he caught me. Now it was early November and started getting cold outside at night. Albert called his Humane Society in St Albans, VT to see if they could help me. They told Albert “No, we are not taking any animals because we are at war with City Hall! We are telling everyone to bring the animals to City Hall and open the door and let them loose!” Well Albert certainly wasn’t going to do that with me. So he called his vet and asked if she knew anyone who would want me. The vet gave Albert a nice lady’s phone number from Shelburne, VT. Then things happened fast! She emailed my first foster Mom and told her all about Albert and me. Then my first foster Mom emailed Suzanne at House Rabbit Network in Massachusetts and asked her if she would take me if Albert caught me! Yippee! Suzanne said yes, so my first foster Mom sent Albert a newsletter called Rabbit Tracks, which talked about ways that Albert could try to catch me. I didn’t realize Albert could be so sneaky. So sure enough, I hopped into a wire cage that had cornstalks all over it, and BANG! The doors slammed down and I was stuck in there with bananas! Next thing I know I am in Albert’s living room in his dog’s crate and he is on the phone telling someone he caught me! So then, I went on this long journey. A lady picked me up and brought me to her house. Then her sister took me all the way to West Lebanon, NH. Help! Why are we stopping in this Burger King parking lot in the dark? Am I doomed? Don’t they eat animals in there? Oh no, here comes another car and now I am going into this one. Oh good, we are leaving Burger King and heading to West Unity now! Well, here I am at my Foster Mom’s home. Look at all these animals in this house! I like my new cage and all my friends in this rabbit room! There are even rabbits in the living room. Oh the poor guinea pigs, they have to move into the bedroom now! They won’t be able to enjoy us all thumping and chewing on the cage bars at night. I like playing in the hall! My foster Dad even puts me on the bed to hop around! They are sooooo nice to give us so much of the house. I suppose they will have to be moving into that big old barn way out back soon where the coyotes hang around. After all, it looks like we are taking over the house. That is so nice of them! Just think that in a few months I will make it to Massachusetts to see Suzanne, and finally look for my forever home. Then I can send happy pictures of me to my first foster Mom and Dad in that old barn in West Unity, so they will see how happy I am now. I’ll also send pictures to Chernobyl, my rabbit friend, who is keeper of the house there now. He still lets my foster Mom and Dad come in from the barn to use the kitchen. He will do anything for them!

Well, now I am living in the Boston area with my new foster parents. They are really nice! They keep telling me how cute I am and that I will be sure to get my own forever loving home real soon. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, if you would like to meet me and see if we are compatible with each other, just give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail them (whatever that is?) at info@rabbitnetwork.org and we can set up a “date”. See you soon! Binkies from Berta :)

I’m blissfully happy for I’ve found my forever loving family :)
Hi, my name is Dahlia. If you have a minute, I’d like to tell you about a warm, loving bunny friend of mine. She is a handsome girl that was struggling to survive with lots of other buns in a neighborhood in Plymouth. Well the nice people at House Rabbit Network came, scooped them all up, and placed them in comfortable, safe foster homes.

Since my good friend needs extra room to sprawl out, (you know, as you lie on your tummy with your front and back legs stretched out, kinda like a Superman pose but we call it the “suuuper bunneee”) she’s fortunate to reside in an exercise pen in her foster home! And she’s fastidious with her housekeeping, very organized and tidy, and is proud that she has refined her litter habits to perfection; living free-range would suit my friend. She is grateful that she consistently is served delicious meals, regularly enjoys pedicures, and is appreciative of her playtime.

Now, here is a girl who likes to have fun and needs lots of space where she can play fetch! Yup, it’s hilarious to see her toss her toys and play rabbit fetch :) Having an inquisitive friendly nature, she loves to explore and interact with the family as well! And even though playing is right up there with her favorite things to do, finding a patch of sunshine, sprawling out for a nap, and listening to the TV in the background is pretty close behind for this calm, laidback bunny.

This life seems to suit her well, but she knows something is missing. She often hears the HRN volunteers talking about “forever loving homes”; she has seen some bunnies at her foster home leave with their own families. Doing the independent, single thing seems to have worked well up until now; however, maybe she just needs to meet that special “somebun” to change her mind, to snuggle up with at night….. Lately, my dear friend is feeling a bit lonely, as she waits patiently for a family to share their love and home with her.

Well, I have to confess, there really is no “friend” is this story. It is about me and my yearning to find someone to love me. I don’t want to spend another Valentine’s Day flying solo…..I want a family to cherish me!

If House Rabbit Network was looking to start a “Bunny Olympics” gymnastics team, we think that Bert and Betty would be their respective team captains….

These two just LOVE their playtime. Once comfortable with their surroundings, all you need to do is stand back and watch. There goes Bert with an amazing bounce over a foot straight up in the air. Not to be outdone, Betty throws in one of her amazing 360 degree spins and then dashes off with a kick. These bunnies delight in binkying every which way. One is popping up while the other is gliding through the air; honestly, it’s a wonder they don’t have a mid-air collision. To watch them play so joyfully just plain makes you laugh out loud!

When Betty and Bert slow down a bit for a break, you can see they are very devoted to one another.

It is so sweet how they groom and snuggle close to one another. Their litter box habits are excellent, as well!

This adorable pair can be a bit shy but the good news is that their foster mom, Suzanne, has been working patiently with them, and they are now beginning to enjoy some pets. With some patience and lots of love, the right person or family will easily be able to make these bunnies feel safe and comfortable in their forever home.

Give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 today to set up a time to visit with Betty and Bert. They might just steal your heart!

UPDATE 4/11/09: ADOPTED! Mother and daughter are snuggling comfortably in the home of their forever loving family tonight :)
Brownie and Isabel are a friendly, sweet pair of bunnies that love to snuggle all the time. Even though they look nothing alike, they are mother and daughter. We rescued Isabel from a law enforcement case and she quickly had a litter of babies.

Brownie has always been attached to her mother. Being a young bun, she is very athletic and loves to dance, bounce, jump, twirl, and dash around! She comes right to the edge of the cage to check out everything that is going on!

Isabel, on the other hand, is a gentle, graceful, calm bunny that appears to glide along as she moves. She enjoys being petted, in fact, she’ll smoosch right down for LOTS of pets :) Isabel is a beautiful girl with long, soft, fluffy fur that needs to be brushed on a regular basis. Both have excellent litter box habits.

Can we ‘boogie down” with you? Give us a call at 781-431-1211 and we’ll set something up :)

Update 4/5/09: Pipkin is now binkying with her ADOPTIVE family – congrats!
Update 1/18/09: Pipkin is the cutest little munchkin :) She is so much more comfortable with people! Once she’s up and snuggled into your arms, she’s content to enjoy your pets. She’s also REALLY happy to be down exploring and doing lots of vertical binkies!!

Update 10/01/2008: We want to thank Pipkin’s new foster Mom, Linnea,
for sharing some of her experiences with her new little girl with all of us!

It has been three weeks since I got Pippy and her personality is
really starting to show. As much as she loves to cuddle with me, she
still grunts when I pet her while she is in her cage. She never grunts
when she is playing outside of her cage and she has started doing the
happy bunny hop when she thinks I am not looking. What has become
pretty clear is that she likes boys more then girls. I can pass her along
to any guy that comes into my house and she will sit comfortably
on their lap without trying to run away. She never grunts at boys. I
have also discovered that she loves to be swaddled in a blanket like a
baby. I think it makes her feel safer. Hopefully she will find a
permanent home soon that will have more time to keep her entertained
outside of her cage.

More updates to come,
Linnea and Pippy

Update 9/21/2008: I have had Pippy for almost a week now and she is getting cuter and more comfortable every day.
Right now, she is cuddling on the couch in a fort of throw pillows that I set up.

She still grunts at me a little every morning when I first reach in to pet her, but I’m
starting to think that’s more of an announcement of status than anger or fear. She
definitely thinks that she is a little queen.

She loves to be taken out of her cage and hang out in the hallway or on the couch and
she has not tried to bite anyone once! She also has not scratched me at all, although
she does wiggle a lot and try to escape when u pick her up.

When she gets really comfortable, she will come right up to my hand to be pet forever.

Well that is the update for now!

9/16/2008: It has been about 24 hours since I brought Pipkin (Pippy) home and I think I am starting
to figure her out.

She has a cage here that is twice as big as her one at Suzanne’s so I know that she likes
that. She loves to grunt at me when I try to pet her but after reprimanding her she has
pretty much stopped altogether.

She really does not like treats. She doesn’t like herbs, carrots, or cranberries. But finally,
after some experimentation I figured out what she likes. She is a simple girl – a cheap
date – she likes weeds! From the backyard! Don’t worry, no pesticides, but it is very
interesting. She is not high maintenance at all.

She is okay with being held if she is being transported somewhere fun. But man can she
struggle! You really have to hold on tight to keep her from falling to the ground. She has
been calming down though.

I have a feeling the days with her are going to be two steps forward one step back but at
least that means progress. All my roommates love her and they think she is just so
adorable! She is really small and has tiny little ears. So far the thing she has been most
interested in is my computer. She likes the caps lock button.

More to come later!

Call our hotline number, 781-431-1211, and arrange your visit with Pipkin today!


Hi everybunny and human,

What’s wrong with you. I am still here looking for a home.
I am a very handsome and playful young bunny boy who would make a great addition to your family. Really?! I am awesome. You just have to love me.

Here you see me with Peter Rabbit. My only friends in foster care. Besides my foster mom. But she also has to take care of her own bunnies Marlo and Oliver. Marlo is very sick and takes lots of attention. Oliver doesn’t like me. He is jealous.


And look, I am taller than Peter. I am only 9 months, but a big boy already.


But Peter does not groom me. I have to do that myself. My foster mom also brushes my pretty long fur every day. I am a fuzzy boy.


Hey, here is a video of me and Peter. We get along quite well.

Please call if you’d like to meet me. You will not be disappointed.

Your Jackson


Hey ladies and gentlemen. Sure you have considered getting a dog as a ‘watchdog’. But – have you considered getting a ‘watchbun’ to patrol your house? I have made this video for you to evaluate my services:

thank you for your consideration. It would be my honor to assist you in your home security needs

Your bunfriend,


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