April 2009

This last week, Suzanne and Barb had a chance to spread the message of bunny love on tv! It was a great segment (NECN – The Secret Life of Animals) with loads of information. Featured are Huey and Ginny (I am quite jealous of that massage Ginny is getting!)

Watch the video here!

Many thanks to fostermom, Linnea, for her contributions to Kiki’s blog!

Keesha (Kiki) is a fabulous addition to our house. She is the most
relaxed bunny I have ever fostered and she is such a lap rabbit. She
will sit in my lap and have her ears massaged while I watch TV or do
homework. She is very low maintenance and gets along well with everyone.
She has literally never gone to the bathroom outside of her
cage and never bitten anyone or chewed on anything. I have even
accidentally left the top of her cage open for an hour or so and she
didn’t even try to escape. Everyone loves how beautifully natural she
is and how wild she looks. She has great strong legs and an adorable
white belly. The only thing she does that is different from the other
bunnies I have had regards her litter box. She sleeps in it instead of
doing her business in it. But she did designate a corner to do all of
her business so I just put a plastic bag under it for easy cleanup. A
few weeks ago, she became comfortable enough to eat right out of my
hand! Kiki is great and would make the perfect bunny for anyone!

Love Kiki and Linnea

Many thanks to foster parents, Melissa & Justin, for their contributions to this blog!

These two unique buns are best of friends.

Chanel has brown ears, a brown nose, and brown feet that make it look like she is wearing shoes. Chanel is very soft with fur like a Rex and she really enjoys being pet and is very playful.

Cashmere has black ears, some black spots on her back and dark black raccoon eyes. Cashmere has big fluffy fur that she keeps very clean. Cashmere is a little shy, but once she sees Chanel getting some attention, she gets interested and hops on over.

They love to cuddle together and are constantly playing together, running together and hopping over each other.

The girls have great litterbox habits. They would like to live in a home where they can have plenty of room to run and explore and to flop down and take a nap. Their favorite foods are banana and hay. If you would like to adopt these cuddle buns, give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 to speak with an adoption counselor or E-mail us at info@rabbitnetwork.org.

Many thanks to fostermom, Jean, for her contributions to Calvin’s blog!

Calvin is a sweetie! He lives in the kitchen; anytime we walk by, he comes right up to the corner, eager for goodies. We had been keeping his food pellets in my
daughter’s play refrigerator – the little bugger figured out how to open the
fridge and chomped a hole in the bag! We have since better secured the
pellets, but I often find him sitting by the toy fridge when he is out of
the pen.

He is a hearty eater! In the morning, he eagerly anticipates his breakfast of
pellets. And so far, the only vegetable that he has rejected is asparagus! These are some of his favorites: parsley, cilantro, romaine, and red leaf lettuces, bok choy, watercress, dandelion greens, and anise; he will even nibble a bit of zucchini and red pepper! He also enjoys banana, apple, and carrot treats when offered to him. We joke that he is a bunny gourmand!

He does startle easily, though oddly enough, the sounds of the dishwasher
and garbage disposal don’t really faze him! He “smooshes down” for pets; he
happily accepts cheek massages and head strokes. I can hold him without him
fussing, but I only do that when necessary (like when playtime is over and
he has to go back in the pen). His litterbox habits are very good!

My 5 year-old daughter is gentle with him, and Calvin is comfortable with
her presence. I asked her what she would like people to know about Calvin,
and she replied, “He licked my foot and put his head in my lap. He is a nice
bunny to adopt.”

A very nice bunny to adopt :) Come visit Calvin and see for yourself what a sweet bunny he is! Please give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail us at info@rabbitnetwork.org.