July 2009

Sunflower was adopted in 2007. She met her husbun Harold, while boarding at an HRN Volunteer’s home a year later in 2008. Within 2 weeks, it was love. Sunflower’s story was a sad beginning (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?p=760) (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?p=704), but obviously has had a wonderful ending with a loving adoptive family. Harold’s story was a sad one too (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?cat=255), being found in a gutter, he was rescued and brought to HRN. One year later, it’s clear, they are lovebuns and in a home with humans that love them very much.
“As you know Sunflower went on vacation to Emily’s house for 2 weeks last September. Emily was a great rabbit-sitter and she had a great time. She also met Harold. They fell deeply in love and Harold ended up coming home with us! They are so cute together and love being snuggled next to each other. We moved apartments and the bathroom in our new apartment was too small for them so I bought them a new 2 level bunny condo. I was nervous about how Sunflower would be in a confined space, as she is used to being partly free range, but I guess because Harold is with her she doesn’t mind one bit! She still loves playtime and runs around and jumps on you like always.
Harold is not so energetic. He will binky occasionally but he usually moves slow and likes to relax….and eat! Sunflower had to learn she couldnt take her time with her greens anymore otherwise they would be gone!”
~Thanks to Cat for the great update on former HRN buns Sunflower & Harold!

I love playing chase with Ginny.


Here she is, our new foster  bunny.  I picked Bunji up from Suzanne’s house in Wilmington in order to free up some cage space in Suzanne’s house for bunnies that are ready to be adopted.

Bunji is not yet ready to be adopted because she’s too young and also because she hasn’t been spayed yet.

Bunji arrived at HRN on June 28th after being rescued from the wild in Attleboro.  She was a stray and approximately 4 months old right now.

This is the first baby bunny I’ve had and fostered so I’m quite nervous about her development.  She’s very lean, long and muscular right now because she hasn’t put on her full weight yet.  She should be a good 7-lbs when she’s fully grown.

For now, she’s resting comfortably on the 2nd floor apartment of Ginger and Juju’s condo.  She settled in very quickly – laying down, eating hay and pooping.  Bunji seems to have very good litter box habits already (more than I can say for Ginger).  She’s also got a ferocious appetite apparently when I saw her devour an entire bowl of veggies in less than 1/2 a hour.

We’re going to be keeping Bunji around for 2 months when she’ll be ready to be spayed.  Then Bunji will be ready for adoption and will go on the HRN site.




Rabbit Information Booths
We hold information booths at various petstores in Eastern Massachusetts. Please stop by and visit us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about rabbits and rabbit care. We will have information about adopting rabbits along with rabbits available for adoption. While we have listings of available rabbits, we do not adopt out on site.

Jul 25 – Animal Spirit, 2348 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 12-3
Aug 1 – Greater Derry Humane Society, Hannaford Plaza, Rte. 28, Derry NH 1-4
Sep 13 – Pet Rock Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA 12-5
Sept 20 – Purr-fect Cat Shelter Pet Walk, Norfolk County Agricultural High School, Walpole MA 10-3
Sept 26 – Animal Spirit, 2348 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 12-3
Oct 3 – Celebration of Animals, South Common, S. Main St, Mansfield MA 10-3 (rain date Oct. 10)

Martini was found in a small cage with her brother Twister, next to a dumpster right after Easter. Sadly, they were just babies and probably “leftover Easter bunnies” that didn’t sell before the holiday. Rabbits like Martini & Twister, usually end up in homes that only bought the rabbit as a surprise for their child on Easter morning. NOT a good idea! A rabbit is a living animal that needs to be thought out and planned before bringing home. The unsuspecting family has no idea of proper rabbit care and within months, the rabbit is spending 24/7 in an outside hutch, has been surrendered to a local shelter or callously dumped into the wild. None of which are appropriate for a rabbit.
Luckily, Martini & Twister were found and HRN was called to take them. Martini will be a good sized gal, probably about 12 pounds, once full grown. She has a slight little tilt to her head, which gives her that much more character! She’s a mover and shaker, that’s for sure! She wants to be on the go and exploring here, there and everywhere.
You can see this just from her video:
She’s a sweet, young girl who is just waiting for her home.
If you are interested in her, please call our Hotline at 781.431.1211 or contact us via email: info@rabbitnetwork.org