August 2009

We’re just about a month away from our 4th Annual Flatbread Benefit Night. This year it is on Tuesday, September 29 from 5pm – 9pm. Flatbread is a unique restaurant that promotes organic farming and the community. Tuesday nights are Benefit Nights where Flatbread donates $3.50 from every large flatbread and $1.75 from a small flatbread to a local charity. HRN is honored to be the chosen charity for September 29th.

Please keep the date open and come join your friends for dinner that night at Flatbread! HRN members will be there the entire night. Hang out, eat and chat with your fellow rabbit friends. We will have a Chinese Auction with prizes too! If your schedule is tight, you can also purchase a flatbread to go, and HRN will still benefit!

Check out their menu. For vegetarians, Flatbread has many options, including a vegan flatbread or an organic salad. Check out Flatbread’s website for more information about this local and generous company.

Where is Flatbread?
213 Burlington Rd, on the Bedford/Burlington line. That is the corner of rte 62 and Network Drive. Easily accessible from both routes 3 and 128/95. It is across the street from Mitre and about a mile from the Burlington Mall.

– From Rt 3N exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go right off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot.

– From Rt 3S (from Lowell), exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go left off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go three lights and turn right into our parking lot.

– From Rt 128 exit onto Rt 3 North (Lowell, Nashua) and take the first exit (Rt 62 Bedford). Go right off the ramp, east on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot on the corner of Network Drive.

For more information,
Contact HRN at 781-431-1211 or
or Flatbread Bedford at 781-275-8200

Pick a Prize Auction Prizes!!
Keep Checking Back! This list will be continually updated as prizes come in.

Ticket Prices:
* 1 ticket for $1
* 7 tickets for $5
* 30 tickets for $20

Auction will be held at 8:30pm! You do not need to be present to win, however you will need to pick up any prizes within 30 days from the Wilmington-Woburn-Bedford area.

Update: Turner was adopted today and went to his forever home with a lovely couple that will give him  much love and endless pats!

Turner has only been with me for a short time but he’s already left quite the impression! With his soft fur and gorgeous coloring, he’s a real head Turner!!!!  (He also apologizes for his foster mom’s bad sense of humor!) Oh and don’t forget those adorable half lopped ears. They’re hard to resist and make him so easy to pet.


Turner is really outgoing and a fun bun to be around! He hasn’t been too crazy yet, but he certainly doesn’t stop moving for more than a few seconds when he’s out!


And boy does he do whatever he wants! Turner seems to be quite fearless. He’s the first bun I’ve had that just immediately ran into the kitchen and wasn’t at all phased by the tile floors. He just wants to see every inch of my apartment and he’ll nudge you right out of the way to get there!


So bunny proofing will be important with him to make sure he can’t disappear on you! He doesn’t seem to be a chewer, but he is an explorer and I would expect him to get into whatever space he wants!  Here he is trying to get into the bookcase! Look at the cute bum on that bun!


Turner likes his pats and does fairly well for a bun being picked up.  His litter box habits are pretty good. He definitely likes to rearrange his cage, so you’ll have to work with him on where he wants his box!


Does Turner sound like the bun for you? If you, give to hotline a call to find out more about him!


~HRN Fostermom

UPDATE: Danica has FINALLY gone to her forever home!

Our wonderful little Danica is still looking for her forever home!  Dan-dan, as her fostermom calls her, has continued to blossom as time goes on.  That sweet side of her is irresistible.  And her little bit of cage aggression is so easy to work around and definitely worth it! She still loves exploring and is always so so eager to get out of her cage!  Here’s a video of her exploring the apartment a bit and smooshing her head up for her favorite nose rubs! What a sweety!

Dan-dan is super active and loves her exercise time. She’s pretty shy when it comes to the camera, and her fostermom has only been able to catch one half-binky with her camera so far! But she really does some great ones! You’ll love watching her play!

Dan is a super sweety and wonderful to interact with. Does she sound like the bun for you? If so, call the hotline!!

~Fostermom Katie

A few weeks ago I received a call from Mousse’s new parents. He was adopted in March of this year ( and he is doing absolutely wonderful in his new home.
His new mom says that he still has almost entire free range of their house, his litter box habits are impeccable and he continues to amuse them each and every day.
Just the other day, he did his “superbun” pose and they ended up snapping a pic of it. And of course he scared the bajeebas out of them the first time he did his “dead bunny flop”!
It’s so nice to see Mousse doing great in his forever home and with a couple that absolutely adores him and can appreciate his craziness! As I said back then… “our chocolate Mousse is the best!”.