Adopted! 2/19!

Hello Everyone!
Klondike here. 1
You might remember me, I am a member of the ‘Furry Family’ of the ‘Great Angora Rescue’ fame. We were a liter of six buns, my brother Maple got adopted, and the remaining four girls were bonded into two pairs. I don’t know what you know about sisters, but the only thing worse than having four sisters, is having two pairs of sisters… they got the bigger cages, the better food, and the most attention.

My foster Mom realized this, and sent me to a new foster home. My new foster home is a little bizarre. My new foster Mom calls us a ‘multi-species household’. I have to interact with DOGS on a day bass and one of them is a continuous spaz attack!! There is a CAT! and a human BOY! I mean, really, how much does a bunny have to bear???

Actually, one of the dogs acts like she is my mother and will clean my face and groom my ears, and the human boy is good, he will lie on the floor and tell me stories. My foster mom brushes me every day, and does something with my brushings called ‘spinning’, (more on that later). This place really isn’t so bad. I get all of the fresh fruits and veggies any bunny could want, and I have lots of human interaction. I am learning something called ‘clicker training’ which helps me communicate with my humans.