May 2013

Mr. Rascal bun is our resident Honey Badger Bunny. He’s fearless and does what he wants when he wants!

Rascal wants hay now

Rascal wants hay now

I think if he could talk it might go something like this:

“You are bigger? Yeah, and? I want head pats now. I know I didn’t say please but that’s what I want. So, um, head pats…When are those starting? Are you giving me that new hay with you? Then I want head pats now. Are you giving me veggies? Not yet, so you can give me head pats now instead.”

Mr. Rascal is a very loving bun who demands your attention. Why shouldn’t this cute Disney-like bun with doe eyes get your attention in between his frequent naps of course at your home.

It's not polite to stare.

It’s not polite to stare.

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Samara, a lovely little Dutch, managed to charm all the HRN volunteers in less than a week.

Samara, a lovely little Dutch, managed to charm all the shelter volunteers in less than a week.

After a very brief stay with us at the shelter, Samara went to her (hopefully) forever home with a new husbun today! It’s something of a heartwarming story.

Peanuts was born half-blind and with deformities in his feet, and he spent the first part of his life cruelly isolated and neglected. Despite all this, he is a very good bunny and he clearly wanted a friend, but understandably, he had some social rough spots. He went on dates with several of the girls at our shelter today, but his way of getting to know the other bunnies always came across to them as aggression. Most of them thought he was trying to pick a fight, and so they started to fight back, and most of the dates ended pretty quickly after that.

But Samara instinctively understood him. She was wonderfully patient with him, even when he jumped over her and thumped on her head! Similarly, she knew when to back off and give him his space. It was clear from the start that she liked him, because when she wasn’t getting to know him she was racing around the pen doing crazy, non-stop binkies! It was also clear that despite his awkwardness, Peanuts liked her, too.

Less than fifteen minutes after Samara left with her new family, I got a text from the adopter informing me that Peanuts and Samara were already snuggling together in their carrier. I think Samara is going home to an extraordinary bunny friendship! Fingers crossed!

One of the residents of a Billerica rabbit shelter was successfully apprehended after an escape attempt that took place during playtime last Thursday.

Marlene was found by shelter volunteers Thursday morning giving herself a tour of the bunny room instead of playing within the confines of the exercise pen where they had left her 30 minutes earlier.

Marlene made her escape in spite of the cornucopia of toys and amusements provided for her in the exercise pen.

Marlene made her escape in spite of the cornucopia of toys and amusements provided for her in the exercise pen. (Photo by Tess.)

Marlene led the volunteers on a high-speed chase around the perimeter of the room before veering off into the front vestibule and making for the front door. She was up on her hind legs, sniffing for the doorknob when the volunteers finally apprehended her. Finding herself cornered, she gave herself up and went quietly back into custody. The volunteers were able to return her to her cage without further incident.

Marlene claims that the exercise pen had not been properly fastened shut, explaining that she had simply availed herself of an advantitious opportunity. The two shelter volunteers, while admitting the possibility of a latch malfunction, have asserted that Marlene was being egged on by the other shelter buns and might not have made the attempt but for the other bunnies’ encouragement.

“We chased her in a big circle around the room, and as she hopped past all the cages, every single bunny stopped and watched her go by,” says one of the volunteers, who has  asked to remain anonymous.  “It was like they were excited for her. Like they were cheering her on.”

"What? There was an opportunity and I seized it. So sue me!"

Upon being returned to custody, Marlene said, "There was an opportuniy and I took it. Sue me." (Photo by Tess.)

The volunteers point to Marlene’s extensive record of good behavior as further proof that the escape was due to the mischievous influence of the other rabbits, rather than a security glitch. The anonymous volunteer has even gone on record stating that Marlene is “an awesome bunny. She’s easygoing and friendly and has a happy-to-know-ya kind of attitude. But she is looking for a forever home, so keep that in mind before you judge her.”

Following Marlene’s apprehension and return to custody, shelter officials issued a statement informing the public that Marlene and fifteen other bunnies are at the shelter and available for adoption through the House Rabbit Network.

Sydney, also up for adoption at the shelter, claims that she has never once thought about escaping. (Photo by Tess.)

Sydney, another HRN bunny shelter resident, claims that she has never once thought about escaping. (Photo by Tess.)