October 2013

dolcetto_relaxing Here I am still waiting patiently for my forever home. I have grown accustomed to being around people! Still a little nervous around new people but I’m more comfortable around my Foster Mom and even willing to eat out of her hand!

But no offense to my Foster Mom I would like to be eating out of my forever family’s hand. Is that forever family you?


UPDATE: 11/14/13


I went home to my new potential Forever Home! Thank you House Rabbit Network for rescuing me and finding me my new home. =)

In terms of cute we’ve got 2014 covered. 12 months of cute, cute, cute HRN Buns. Get your calendar today… In fact, get a couple, they make great Christmas gifts.

Calendar Link

HRN Calendar 2014

Date: October 21, 2013

We need help! HRN is in desperate need of volunteers to help at the shelter, especially morning shifts. If you live near Billerica, MA and have a spare morning (once a week or even once a month) please let us know. You will feed and socialize the buns and clean cages. Training is provided. Please contact us if you think you can help. We greatly appreciate it.

Email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org or phone our hotline at 781-431-1211.

A Helping Hand

Update: 10/11/13

My Foster Momma thinks that maybe it would be better if I went to a bun-experienced home. Today was grooming day and I got a little freaked out and wouldn’t let her near me the rest of the day. Not even leafy treats would pacify me. So she thinks that for my new home, it should be someplace quiet where my new family needs to earn my trust and make me feel safe.

* Also – to be forewarned I do like to chew on things so it would probably be a good idea to make sure I have plenty of things to chew on so that I won’t be tempted to chew on things that I shouldn’t.

Is that new forever family with you?

Sulking in my litterbox after being groomed without my permission

Sulking in my litterbox after being groomed without my permission

Update: 10/2/13

Today my Foster Momma wanted me to interact with some kids. At first I wasn’t too happy but after awhile I decided to let the child hold me. What do you think? If you have children, I’ll tolerate them if it means I can go home to a forever home today!

Aren't I cuddly and cute!

Aren't I cuddly and cute!

My Foster Momma just found out what breed I am…I’m a Palomino Breed (originally bred for meat)!!! = O

I’m so glad I wasn’t left on the chopping block and instead living out my life waiting for my forever home! I’m really interested in my blue blanket that my Foster Mommy gave me and am very content to sleep, play, and relax on it! My Foster Mommy told me that if I like my blanky that much she’ll let me keep it when I get adopted! Thanks Foster Mom!!

Here's me playing on my blanket

Here's me playing on my blanket

Close up of my pretty golden face

Close up of my pretty golden face