Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Jackie, and these are my sisters, Skylar, Autumn, and Sienna.


We were born in HRN foster care of January 6, 2006. Our mother is Starla. She was taken in to foster care on January 5. 2006. If you do the math, you can see that we were very lucky to have been born here. To hear Mom tell it, she was very nervous coming here and had to start building a nest for us within a couple of hours of her arrival! Fortunately all four of us were born safe and sound at HRN.


We met several HRN volunteers at a volunteer meeting when we were about 3 weeks old. We were a big hit! Some nice people held us and told us we were very photogenic (whatever that means- I think it means we are CUTE!) especially because we all look exactly alike and also exactly like Mom!


Those people kept photographing us in the following weeks (did I
mention we are cute?). We were cooperative, but we also had to do a lot of binkies and get into mischief, because we are, of course, babies. Our antics kept everyone entertained- ourselves, most of all!

Anyway, Mom has been adopted and now it’s our turn! Do you have a
wonderful home for us to finish growing up in? We are all spayed and ready to go on our next adventure. You can see us on the “Bachelorettes” page on the HRN website!

Thanks for reading!

-HRN Bunny: Jackie-