After work yesterday I paid a visit to the SPCA to pick up 4 bunnies for Suzanne. Currently, the main SPCA branch is a bit overloaded with buns (or at least they were till I came in) and they needed to send these 4 off to foster so they’d have enough room for everybunny else. The folks at the SPCA were really great, they gave me all the records they had for each bunny, donated carriers to HRN, and one of their staff had even bought a bag of organic veggies to send along!

While the buns weren’t thrilled with the hour of driving, they were certainly pleased to be let out of the carriers when we arrived at Suzanne’s place. The littlest bun, Kiki (re-named Acorn by Suzanne, Matt, and I), was breathing so fast when we took him out of his carrier. He really didn’t like the drive at all and was so scared of all the new smells and sounds. I held him for a few minutes to calm him down before introducing him to his new cage.


The other 3 buns were a pair of English Spotted, mother Chloe and her daughter, Clover, and a very pretty Agouti-colored 1 year old girl named Babita.

(This is me holding Clover)

Clover and Chloe seemed to make themselves right at home, hopping out of their carrier and exploring a bit before we herded them into their cage. Once in their cage, they snuffled around a bit and then calmly snuggled up together in their litterbox full of hay. Its obvious that these girls are easy-going and friendly.

Babita, who’s paperwork claimed that she was a bit skittish, seemed to be alarmed when first introduced to her new surroundings. (Or maybe it was just the fact that her neighbors Harpo and Zeppo were busy making a racket.) She thumped an alert a couple times and zipped around the cage a bit before settling down in a corner with her feet tucked in. By the time I picked her up to take her adoption portrait, she had calmed down and was happy to pose for the camera.