1/19/2011 UPDATE: Bon Jour mon ami!

Hello to all of my friends! Claude Bonet’ here giving you an update on my life. I continue to explore my foster home….yesterday I decided that the wooden floor of the kitchen was not scary, although slippery, and I jumped up to greet my foster Dad. I was rewarded for this effort with a piece of freeze dried banana!

I have decided that it is my right, as the house rabbit, to demand pats whenever I want them….so, I hop up to one of my foster family, and telescope up to get my pats….they are always willing to comply…I have them all so well trained.

I wanted everyone to see what life in a multi-species household is like, so I am including photos. You will see one of me and my ‘sister’ Jenna, who is an Italian Greyhound, snuggling under the covers. Then, yesterday, while I was chillin’ in the chair, enjoying the warmth of a sunbeam, I was joined by most of my foster sibs….two Italian Greyhounds and an elderly Cocker Spainel….only the cat was not included, because he chooses to believe that I do not exist!

EVERYONE had to get in on the sunbeam on this one!

Bon souir!

1/10/2011: BON JOUR! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Claude Bonet’ and I am a neutered male, mini rex, with English Spot markings in dark grey.

At the moment I am enjoying the good life in my foster home, but life was not so good for me not so long ago. In early December, I was a lonely bunny hopping around the city of Lynn, MA. The animal control officer found me and took me to North Shore Animal Hospital. The people there contacted HRN who said that I could be neutered, and that I could go to an HRN foster home.

Following my surgery, a very nice woman and her cute little girl came and got me and put me in a quilted carrier. I enjoyed the car ride, and gave the little girl nose kisses the entire time we were in the car. Soon the car ride stopped, and I met my foster family. I had a big cage with a litter box, water, food, a wicker teepee, toys, unlimited hay, and lots and LOTS of fresh veggies and fruits. I thought I must be in rabbit heaven!

While we are talking about litter boxes, let me tell you about my litter box ‘philosophy’….I will not do my ‘daily ablutions’ anywhere but my litter box! My foster mom says that my
litter box habits are EXCELLENT! Because of this I am allowed to be a ‘free range’ rabbit. I have a kitchen and sunporch that are my very special domain. My foster mom has noticed that while I am out playing, I will stop and jump back into my bed to heed the call of nature.

My foster mom is trying to teach me something called ‘clicker training’….what I think this means, is that if I do what my foster mom wants, then I get a loud clicking noise and a
dried blueberry. I LOVE DRIED BLUEBERRIES! So far I have learned how to come when called and to go into my bed on command. I would do ANYTHING for a dried blueberry! I don’t eat any pellets because I just don’t really need them. Not ALL buns eat them and I’m just fine with that. I know I like what I get to eat! I get romaine and red leaf lettuce, kale, chard, dandelion greens, boc choi, carrot and beet greens, broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, cilantro, parsley, celery, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and UNLIMITED hay.

Right after I came to my foster home, I was sitting in my foster mom’s lap and she was doing Tellington Touch techniques with me. I think of it as a ‘bunny massage’. That is when she noticed that I had ‘bumps’……I had a LOT of bumps. My foster mom was concerned, and I got another car ride to go and see Dr. Sip at VCA Wakefield. Dr. Sip stuck a needle in the bumps, but decided that I needed to have something called a ‘biopsy’. That meant that I had to spend the day at the veterinary hospital. I had what I thought was a HUGE incision, but I got some great tasting medicine that made the hurt go away. Within a day I was back to my normal self. My foster mom was thrilled when Dr. Sip called and said that the ‘biopsy’ came back, and the results were ‘benign’….they guess that when I was a stray rabbit I got bit by all sorts of nasty insects, and those bites got infected. I just don’t like the fact that my beautiful soft coat had to be clipped in that place, but my foster mom tells me it will grow back and be good as new.

Let me tell you about the rest of my foster family…..there is my foster dad, who will lie on the floor and give me kisses, and I have three foster brothers, but only the 14 yo one lives at home. Then there are the rest of what my foster mom calls her ‘fur kids’. There is a cat, but he just ignores me…..he thinks he is too important to pay attention to me. And there are three dogs! I love the dogs! I share my romaine lettuce with one of the Italian Greyhounds, and yesterday, I decided to share her food…I put my head in her food bowl and tried her dinner…..it was very good, but my foster mom decided that I really shouldn’t eat dog kibble. Sometimes she has no sense of humor!!! Today I was hanging out in a sunbeam with the two Italian Greyhounds. One of them loves to wash my face and ears. I truly live in a multi-species household.

Another thing I like to do is run up and down the stairs….that can keep me busy for HOURS!

My foster mom makes sure that I have lots of things to chew so that I don’t do bad things to her house. I get wood blocks, pear twigs, grape vines, and cardboard boxes….as long as I have ‘good’ things to chew, I leave the baseboards and the cookbooks alone.

If you think that I would be a great addition to your family please contact HRN! 781.431.1211