7/27/08 – I am sad to report that little Clover passed away yesterday afternoon :( Her spirit will live on as she passes The Bridge into the fields of green. She will be missed.

As rare as a four leaf clover in a field of green, so is this dainty little girl. Meet Clover.


Hi! My name is Clover. I’m a tiny, young, chinchilla colored dwarf with big, dark eyes and beautiful lashes. Just a little pip-squeek of a thing. I was part of a seizure case up in VT where the man who owned us, quickly became overwhelmed with 4-legged furries. So myself, along with some of my other friends, eventually ended up here, in the care of the House Rabbit Network.


I not much of a talker. I’m actually very quiet and love to snuggle on a towel or a soft bed in my cage (like I’m doing right now). I’m pretty shy and my needs are quite simple. This world is just so big and scary and I’m such a little thing. I’m learning that I do like greens, but I never knew what those were before I came here. I’m also learning that being pet and cuddled by a human is so very nice. I think that with a quiet, caring and loving home, my true personality will eventually shine. I’m truly hoping that, like a four-leaf clover, I will be lucky enough to find a home of my own. But only you can give me that chance. Will you? Please do. I would love to go to my very own home.

Love, Clover