Henry is a very handsome Lop eared guy.
When you first meet him, he will come across as timid or shy and move to the furthest corner of his cage and sit still until he feels it is safe to move. Be patient with him, extend your hand to him slowly and give him a few gentle pets around his big beautiful ears and he definitely will warm up some. Before you know it he will be coming to the cage door to see if it is the person who gives him those great “scrufties” and presenting himself to receive them! After the first time I spent interacting with Henry, he kissed my nose through the bars of his cage just before I left. Guess who I think is a pretty special boy!

All bunnies are innately curious and Henry is no exception. Once at ease, he will investigate with the best of them. He loves to chin and nose everything quite thoroughly, just to let everyone (especially other bunnies) know that this is his property.
Henry will definitely grow on you and would love have you take him home with you. Come meet him in person at his HRN foster mom’s house and I’m sure you will agree!
-Tricia & Tom: HRN Members-