Last night we thought we’d bring the 6 foster rabbits (Nushi, Spot, Zeus, Tumble, Minnie, and Rose) into the living room for a little play time. Boy were they excited. Tumble and Zeus were the binky masters of the evening. Even occasionally slamming into each other in mid air. After a little while we thought we’d give them some newspaper to play with. Zeus was in absolute heaven.

Zeus and Spot together as always

All the buns got into the act, throwing shreds of newspaper into the air.

All the buns attacking the newspaper

When all newspaper was obliterated, Spot threw himself onto his back against the entertainment center (I wish I had a picture of that!). But then he settled into a nice happy feet position.

Tired Spot

These guys are so much fun, it’s hard to put into words, but I hope you got a glimspe of my wonderful fostering life.
~Erica – HRN Member