UPDATE! – Sunflower went to her new home and so far seems to be doing wonderful!

..is what this little bun brings. She is sure to make a wonderful addition to any home. After recovering from cuterebra maggots and being spayed, Sunflower is finally ready for a home of her own.
“I’m cooooooool as a cucumber.”
“Am I cute or what!?”
Okay peeps, here’s the 411 on yours truly: I would do best, if possible, as a complete free-range bun in at least one bun-proofed room, if not more. My litter box habits are absolutely impecable! After all, I’m a dainty little thing and like my area clean. If I can’t be free-range, then a very large xpen would be great too. I don’t really like being caged and I tend to get kinda depressed, you know?
I LOVE my willow tent, willow tunnel and and anything else that keeps me busy, entertained and that I can chew on.
As I’ve said before, I don’t like to be picked up but I looooooove to be smothered with kisses and pets on the FLOOR. I’m just a tiny little thing, weighing in at 3 lbs., so you have to be very careful and realize that I could be underfoot. Be careful not to step on me please!
My fur is just starting to grow back from where I was shaved due to those nasty things on my back. Actually, I think my peach fuzz looks kind of cool, don’t you?
“My favorite place to play hide and seek is in the bathroom!”
Oh, and for some reason I don’t really like the base of my ears rubbed, unlike a lot of other rabbits. They’re kind of sensitive due my “van gogh-ness”. I also want to let you know that if you’re bun is looking for a friend, I might be just the one for him or her. I really want a friend. I’ve made that very clear to my foster mom.
Well I guess that’s all for now.
Love, Sunflower :)