Update: Turner was adopted today and went to his forever home with a lovely couple that will give him  much love and endless pats!

Turner has only been with me for a short time but he’s already left quite the impression! With his soft fur and gorgeous coloring, he’s a real head Turner!!!!  (He also apologizes for his foster mom’s bad sense of humor!) Oh and don’t forget those adorable half lopped ears. They’re hard to resist and make him so easy to pet.


Turner is really outgoing and a fun bun to be around! He hasn’t been too crazy yet, but he certainly doesn’t stop moving for more than a few seconds when he’s out!


And boy does he do whatever he wants! Turner seems to be quite fearless. He’s the first bun I’ve had that just immediately ran into the kitchen and wasn’t at all phased by the tile floors. He just wants to see every inch of my apartment and he’ll nudge you right out of the way to get there!


So bunny proofing will be important with him to make sure he can’t disappear on you! He doesn’t seem to be a chewer, but he is an explorer and I would expect him to get into whatever space he wants!  Here he is trying to get into the bookcase! Look at the cute bum on that bun!


Turner likes his pats and does fairly well for a bun being picked up.  His litter box habits are pretty good. He definitely likes to rearrange his cage, so you’ll have to work with him on where he wants his box!


Does Turner sound like the bun for you? If you, give to hotline a call to find out more about him!


~HRN Fostermom