Yesterday was the yard sale in Brighton, MA. Petco agreed to let us use their parking lot. What a great location. We were busy from before 9am until 4pm. We raised a good amount of money for the buns!
Maysoon, Sarah, Suzanne

Some people didn’t even buy anything and gave us money for our cause. Joanne and her husband adopted Bubbles last year from Cheryl. They saw our ad in their community newspaper and had to come and support us. They said that they are abosultely adoring Bubbles.

Special thanks to Jessica, Suzanne, Maysoon, Robin, Andy, Sarah, and Chris (Jessica’s friend with the truck – couldn’t have done it without him).
Erica and Jessica

Also, Liz and Matt did a wonderful job at the ed day. What a beautiful table they set up. Zeus, Spot, and Tumble stayed the whole time and were so great. The three were so social and only went in their litter box. I was such a proud foster mom :-)
Liz and Matt ed day

The yard sale and ed day was an absolute success. We couldn’t have done it without all the donations and hard work from the volunteers. Thank you!

~Erica HRN Volunteer