This past Thanksgiving Hobbs had the joy of traveling home with me for the holiday, where was thoroughly harassed… I mean played with… by my sister, a fellow bun-lover. She had such a good time with the sweetheart that she offered to blog about him. They had a great time together! Hobbs is getting sweeter and sweeter by the day and still looking for a forever home that can give him lots of love, the attention he demands and plenty of free time. Call the hotline if he sounds like the boy for you!

Attention future family of Hobbs – what is taking you so long?  Seriously, this rabbit is worse than chocolate cake – take him away from me before it’s too late!!!!

And I don’t even foster him!

Hobbs lives with my sister, his foster mom Katie, up in Boston.  He came to visit us in NY for Thanksgiving and I think I spent more time with the bunny than the family!  What an adorable rabbit!  Thick, silky, super soft fur, and so friendly!


From what his mom tells me and what I have seen, I think these are the Stages of Hobbs when he arrives at a new place

(1) Explore EVERYWHERE! Sniff, steps, sniffs, steps, sniff, binky!, sniff, binky!, sniff….

(2) Now, with a mental map in place, BUNNY 500s!!!! woo!  binkies too!

(3) flop…rest….catch….breath…

(4) BUNNY 500s!!!! binkies!!!!


(5) flop…rest….catch….breath…

And on and on and on.. Youth. Sheesh!

Eventually, I’m told, he gets to the “bother my humans for attention” stage.  At least, that’s the timeline Hobbs has you fooled into believing.  Cause when he’s resting, where does he flop down? That’s right – conveniently within your reach, and he will “tolerate” pats while catching his breath.  Ha! I’m on to you Hobbs! I know your scheme! (even if I do fall for it every time and shower you with love.)


So, Hobb’s future family, you’ve been warned!!!! He WILL get attention out of you, it WILL be irresistible when he flops down next to you, pleased with himself, out of breath, all cute and stuff.  And, if you’re like me, you’ll fall for it every time, even now that you’re in the know.

I will miss hearing Katie’s why-Hobbs-is-so-cute weekly recaps, but I know he’ll be happy with you, his new family, scheming himself into extra pats.

~HRN Foster Mom Katie and Sister Jen