A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a lot of time with some of the adoptables. Each day, I’d let 3 or 4 of the buns out so they could romp and play and binky their hearts out. Of course many of the binkies never quite made it off the ground because of the slippery floor. If they did make it off the ground, they’d twist and turn in mid-air, then come slipping and sliding to their landing. Too cute and funny to see!

Mabel, a white lop bun with ruby eyes, was always right there pleading with me with those beautiful eyes, to let her out. She was so friendly and just wanted to be pet 24/7.

Snowy and Jacob were a bit more reserved. They’re a bonded couple who are just looking for a quiet, loving home and human. Of course once they were out, they were binky-ing every where.

Sally is a bigger girl who uses her dewlap as a pillow when she rests. She’s a smoosh-bunny. She’ll hunker right down and soak up the pets, eyes closed, enjoying the attention.

Of course you can’t forget Payson. The spunky little bun who NEVER let me forget he was there! This little guy has lots of energy, bouncing around in his cage, but will win your heart with his cute dwarf face and crazy antics.

Now onto Hurley. He was my little man during the week. He loved any and all attention and did crazy acrobatics when he was out playing. Just an all aroung good natured bun.

Darcy and her two boys, Alfalfa and Buckwheat are little buns with lots of energy. Well Mom is a bit more reserved than her boys. I’m hoping that once she sees that us humans can indeed be kind, she’ll come out of her shell a bit more. The Boys love to explore and if you get right down on the floor with them, they’ll crawl all over you. Once they trust you, they enjoy a good pet. I also had the chance to foster them for about 5 days a few months ago. Just a great tiny trio!

Duncan is a big boy with a shy personality. But with love and devotion, he’s sure to blossom into a big love-bug.

Bogart is an all black rex who was a bit shy, but once out and about, binkied like no tomorrow. He’d smoosh on down for some rubs too! But who couldn’t resist rubbing that beautiful rex fur?

Desmond oh-so patiently waited his turn to come out. He’s a gentle guy who is a bit curious at everything going on. Once the cranberries came out though, he couldn’t wait for his treat.

Meadow and Pansy are mother and daughter. Unfortunately they had a fight and don’t get along any more so they are up for adoption as singles. Both are very warm little girls and they too were a bit shy at first. However, once the cranberries came out…they were all over me. They both enjoy pets.

Harriet is a bit of a piggy with her food. I couldn’t get the pellets in fast enough for her. She would sit for hours just soaking up the lovins’ from any one. She thoroughly enjoys her pets and always wants more, more, more!

Cheyenne, the little black rex, stole my heart. She is partially blind and has to be approached very slowly and on her good side, otherwise she gets a bit anxious and would lunge at my hand. But it’s just because she can’t see what is coming at her. Poor little girl. Another smoosh bunny is what she is though. Once the petting starts, she doesn’t want it to stop. She’ll melt right into the floor and will stay like that for hours, I swear. She just needs that special someone to give her a chance, that’s all.

Punky is an adorable little bun with beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes?! Yup, that’s right. She’s a bit of a diva and she knows it. She’s got a lot of attitude for a teeny thing. But then again, what diva doesn’t?

Katie and Libby are a smaller pair of adorably, sweet sisters. They were always patient, always kind and love each other. They also loved any and all attention.

Of course after a week with all of these cuties (and a few more that I know I’m forgetting), I wish I had a lot more room to adopt each and every one of them. Somewhere, their “forever homes” are out there, I know they are. The right person or family will come along and each one of them will be adopted, I know they will.

Shannon ~ HRN Member/Volunteer