Echo, our 5 month old mixed breed bun, has yet to develop a serious seasonal shed pattern. She has a mixed texture coat made up of thick, glossy guard hairs and two finer, shorter coats. Her coat is different than any other bunny we’ve had and I am curiously waiting to see what her shedding habits will be like as she grows into adolescence and adulthood. When we adopeted our 2 year old Hotot, Lookout, we went through a similar waiting period as well. We adopted her just after Thanksgiving in 2004 at 8 months old. Either she had already established her winter coat when she was adopted, or she was still growing her guard hair coat, because that winter, she never shed. When spring came in 2005, she still had something of a fine, baby coat beneath the glossy guard hairs. She didn’t seem to shed much, and you would figure it’d be noticeable with a white rabbit. This year, when fall came, she shed a little, but nowhere near the handfuls of volume produced by some of our other buns. Now that its spring again, Lookout hasn’t shed much at all. Her coat is now made up entirely of thick glossy fur similar in texture to that of a smooth-haired guinea pig or labrador dog.
I expect that we will see the same experience with Echo as she grows throughout this, her first year, and becomes an adolescent bun. For now, her interesting coat of fine light brown baby fur mixed with glossy charcoal guard hairs is an intriguing texture and color. I expect that the coloring will remain, no matter what happens once she begins to shed.