When my (now) fiance and I started making plans to move into an apartment together, the most exciting part for me was that we’d finally be able to adopt a pet (well, other than dorm mice, of course). I grew up in a bit of a pet-filled zoo, but my fiance hadn’t had pets, so when he expressed interest in adopting a rabbit, I jumped on it. We knew we wanted to adopt from a rescue, and we found the HRN through a Google search.

We looked through the HRN webpage for weeks, squealing about different bunnies, and finally moved to our new apartment, bought a cage and some hay, and went on a visit to Suzanne’s house. We were trying really hard not to pick a favorite bun from the pictures on the webpage, but we definitely went in with some favorites. Who doesn’t, right?


Well, we met all the beautiful buns one rainy day at Suzanne’s, and we started picking buns to play with in her playpen. We hadn’t really noticed Kiara on the website, but we decided to play with her anyway. She was the second bun we picked, and we connected with her immediately — she kept running up for pets to the nose, and she even did a binky. The binky sealed the deal. We were completely in love with her, and took her home that day.


We’ve learned a lot about our pretty girl (now called Abby) since June. She loves to do binkies — she’ll do a binky if we feed her an especially good-looking piece of romaine lettuce. She’s also a fan of a good game of chase, and she’ll chase my fiance across the floor, doing binkies the whole way. She tooth-purrs like a fiend if you rub behind her ears or kiss her nose. She likes to lick our faces at 4 AM until somebody gets up to feed her pellets.


It’s pretty cozy in our studio apartment, but when we get a bigger place at the end of the year, we’re definitely planning to let Abby choose a new friend from the HRN. We’re so glad we picked the right bun.

-HRN Adopter: Mollie-