Mae is a brown and black Harlequin. She’s skittish when you first meet her, but warms up to you quickly.
Mae, like most bunnies, is sensitive to how you pick her up. If you’re sure to give her feet and rear some support, she’s easy to pick up.

Mae suffers from a skittishness that our own bunny BeanBag suffered from when we first adopted him.

Like BeanBag, Mae is very nervous about being touched, particularly around the nose, whiskers and the back of the neck. All of these are areas used in dominance battles between bunnies. Unlike BeanBag, if you hold her for a few minutes, providing some support and affection, she warms up and relaxes.
A relaxed Mae let me stroke all the areas she’d been nervous about when I first picked her up. She even let me handle her feet, examining her claws and the bottoms of her feet, something bunnies rarely let people do.

I ended up holding Mae for several minutes, and while I scritched her, she cuddled closer and closer to me, eventually tucking her nose under my chin.

When she was out romping, she was curious and energetic, engaged in the process of exploring her surroundings. She also expressed a great deal of curiosity about the other bunnies in the foster home, clearly fascinated with the other rabbits.
BeanBag was living with my wife and I for a few months and being handled daily before he got anywhere near the point Mae is at now. Today, BeanBag is an affectionate bunny who loves to be held and petted. My wife and I believe that Mae simply needs some TLC and the opportunity to get comfortable with a new family in a quiet home. A little patience and some daily handling should allow this bunny to go from being nervous and skittish around new people, to being a warm and affectionate bunny, at least around those she knows she can trust.
-Matt:HRN Member-