Alto and Maya are a somewhat troubled pair of bonded bunnies. Miserable without him, Maya continues to cling to her time with Alto, even though he is a bit of a bully at times. At various times, his foster-mom has tried to separate them. In the end, they are better together than they are apart. Alto’s bullying but protective behavior makes Maya happier than she would be without him.
Alto isn’t a big fan of being caught or caged. He’d rather be allowed to explore and left to his own devices. He does enjoy a full body petting session, provided its on the floor where he can choose to come and go as he pleases. He is a bit food possessive, insisting that he gets to eat his fill of everything before Maya. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to have a tendency to over-eat and so he has maintained an athletic build consistent for a bunny of his size. Once Alto has eaten he will let Maya take as much as she wants. As long as there is enough food for both of them, things are just fine. Aside from being food posessive, Alto acts as Maya’s protector, assuring himself and her that any humans who approach are going to treat her gently.
Maya is a sweet, but tentative brown and white lop. She’s truly devoted to Alto in the way that only a bonded bun can be. While willing to be picked up and moved to a different location for romp time, she would prefer not to be held for long periods of time. Once she has gotten used to your presence, she will tentatively come see you when she wants attention. She rather enjoys a good scritch between the ears and one of her favorite activities to share with Alto is a nice long synchronized grooming session.

These two buns may not have the perfect marriage, but then again, who ever does? In the end, the important part of their story is their devotion to each other.