Update: Amy is adoption pending!!!! Can’t wait for her to get to her forever home! What a lucky family to get such a beautiful gal!

Banana-nana (the buns are getting excited at me just typing banana) fo famey….  We all know the song so I’ll stop now :)  Introducing…. AMY!!!!!


Amy is a gorgeous snowshoe lop that has been with me for a while now. Her beautiful coat is quite unique and everyone who sees her can’t help but comment on how pretty she is!

Amy is still a pretty shy girl, but is slowly coming out of her shell. Amy came to HRN after she was found abandoned with several other buns on the side of a road with no food or water, left to fend for themselves trapped in a cage. Understandably, she’s still a little weary of people. But she is slowly getting more comfortable being handled. With a little patience, I believe she’ll continue to grow and get more comfortable.


One thing that’s been helping a lot (that would be super easy for her forever family to continue doing) is giving her out time in an ex-pen that’s attached to her cage. Usually play time here is in a different room. But lately I’ve been setting up the expen next to her cage with the door open and her free to travel in and out of her cage. The change in her playtime behavior has been incredible!  She always seemed to like playtime, but was hesitant in her exploring. Now, she sprints around in the ex-pen and does some super binkies. I even caught her binkying in her cage last week! The next steps are to slowly increase her play area bit by bit until she gets comfortable with each space.


Little did I know when I picked her up, but Amy is also a magician! Amy’s cage has 2 levels (the upper being a small shelf). Now this shelf isn’t tied down, but fits pretty darn snugly into the cage. I even have a hard time trying to get it in/out.  Well not Amy! That little magician has found some way to knock it down every day, even without opposable thumbs! How she does it, I have no idea. But she had to go on “shelf time-out” so that she wouldn’t accidentally block herself off from food or water during the day :)  I’m sure she would be thrilled to have a bigger cage or expen to live in.


Amy still is a shy girl though and will continue to need patience and love from her forever home. She would do best with an experienced, quieter home with an area that she can call her own and continue to grow confident and comfort in. One thing that makes it easy – she has great litter box habits and has been a pleasure to foster in this respect!


Like with other shy buns, another great option for Amy might be to bond her with another rabbit. This can be a great way to help her come out of her shell.


Does Amy sound like she might be a good fit in your home? If so, why don’t you give the hotline a call at 781-431-1211 and read up on our adoption policies and bunny basics! She’s a sweet girl and would love to find her forever home soon!