4/11/09 UPDATE: ADOPTED! Oscar is happily binkying in the home of his forever loving family :)
4/2/09 update by, Barb, HRN volunteer!
Oscar is a love. The first thing I do when I go to Suzanne’s house before I clean cages is pick up Oscar and put him in my lap. I pat him for a good 1/2 hour. I was wooed by Oscar when Suzanne requested I have him be the feature spot for NECN’s Segment, “Adopt-A-Pet”, last December. He was so calm during the show that the interviewer, Art, thought he was falling asleep. Not many buns in a strange environment would be so relaxed!

After Oscar and I spend some quality time together, I set him up in an exercise pen while I clean litter boxes. I guess I spoil him as I really want him to have a happy home, and in the meantime, I give him the best I can offer. He enjoys playing in his pen and doing some mini-binkies. Then when I’m done cleaning cages, I begrudgingly place Oscar back in his cage. He plops down on the floor as if to say, “Thanks, that was fun!”

I wish someone would adopt Oscar. He is a real sweetheart! He has a beautiful coat, and warm, but sad eyes. (Maybe that’s my interpretation, as I really want him in a happy home)

I suppose I could bring him into my house, to foster, but I would probably be a “foster failure”. My husband who isn’t as fond of animals as I am – tolerates my 4 other rabbits and 1 guinea pig.

Oh, if only I could have an addition put on my house and a few other folks to help out with the buns . . . . .

If you had to use one word to describe Oscar’s personality, it would be “eager”.

He’s always alert and responsive to any stimulus nearby. If you speak to him, his ears go up and focus on you.

If you approach his cage, he raises up on his hind quarters hoping that you will reach in for a pet or scritch.

The interesting part is when you happen to be close by his cage and stop paying attention. If you are lucky, Oscar will go into “flop mode” to regain your attention; he actually did 4 big “dead bunny” flops in a row as we were engaged in conversation :)

He is definitely a bunny who would appreciate your attention! He is waiting for your call to the Hotline, 781-431-1211 :)