5/26/10 UPDATE: Annabelle is now in her TLC Foster home… possibly her forever home… stay tuned ;)

Annabelle is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle up and take naps. She’ll sit in your lap and is a very calm bunny. She likes exploring and checking things out and gets extremely excited about anything that has to do with FOOD! Annabelle is currently on a restricted diet of hay and vegetables due to possible motility issues she is battling.
She is undergoing diagnostic treatment and since her TLC fostermom is moving out of state, we are looking for another loving temporary home where she can stay. She would like to request that she have delicious hay all the time, dark leafy greens, a soft bed to sleep in, and daily run around time (as it is good for her digestion). She would also like to request some belly massage time or just some regular old snuggle time. She really enjoys being around people and will follow you around. She’s such a lovebug!
If you live in the MA/NH area and can either foster Annabelle OR adopt her, that would be wonderful. She does need a bunny experienced home however. Please contact us either via email: info@rabbitnetwork.org or phone: 781.431.1211.