Tammy Raabe Rao, of Rubicat Design & Photography took more pictures of our bunnies! You might remember seeing some of the pictures she took last April. She requested to see Eve and Dorian again because she likes to have images for her portfolio. You will notice all the pictures are on white or black backgrounds so Tammy can possibly use the photos for companies that need images (say, a pet food company). We didn’t mind, but we think Eve looks better on white and Dorian looks better on black. An interesting dilemna.

Tammy’s photography services (www.rubicat.com) are being donated for our Flatbread Fundraiser that will take place on November 28 (see the link on the main page of the HRN website if you want to know more about this fundraiser). So, you might just win a photoshoot with your bunny (or another pet)! She does a great job, I hope you enjoy!

Here they are!

“Hi, I am Dorian and I am a FLAT bunny!”

Eve, about to stand up!

“But, I DON’T like you” (said by both bunnies)

“Nevermind, I do like you. We are CUTE!”

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer