Special thanks for this blog posting go out to bunny foster family, Robin, Francie & Paul for their special contributions!

Pepsi is a young Netherland Dwarf bunny who was
rescued this year as a baby in Vermont and is now in a
foster home in Massachusetts. As the Netherland breed
tends to be more skittish, Pepsi is quickly learning
to live with humans and get accustomed to household

She has beautiful Dalmatian-like coloring – white with
black spots! If you look carefully at her face, it
appears she has a white “X” on her face!

One of her foster “moms”, an 8-year-old girl, would
like you to know this about Pepsi:

“Pepsi is a kind and gentle bunny, she never bites.
She is a little shy at first, but she’ll warm up to
you fast! Each and every day she comes out of her
shell a little more. Pepsi is as sweet as Pepsi! Her
favorite food is carrots. She’ll hop right into your
heart. Do you have room in your home and heart to
adopt this gentle little bunny?” Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see her today.