When you meet Aspen, the first thing you will notice is his beautiful coat. He is a beige color with darker lines running through his fur that give it real character. He has gorgeous slate colored eyes that are always watchful for treats! For the past while, my family and I have been working to bring Aspen out of his shell. He is a very timid bunny when he is in his cage, but he is actually quite social when he is out for his play time.

The key to Aspen is not to pick him up very much. He definitely likes his feet planted firmly on the ground. Once you respect his boundaries he does fantastic with you. He will nudge and sniff and crawl all over you if you get down on his level. He is a really sweet bunny that I think would do very well as a bond mate. Do you have a bunny at home that seems a little lonely? Bring your bun to meet Aspen and see if it is a match made in bunny-heaven!