Autumn and Amber may be small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in character. This pair of ladies are sweeties! They’re a little timid at first, but really enjoy exploring…as long as they’re together. They’re very strongly bonded and rarely leave each other’s sides.


Amber is part jersey wooley, and commonly known as “Squish Face” for that adorable fur-hidden grin. We’re not sure if there’s a chin under all that fur either, but that’s OK. Her unusual appearance makes her fun to watch. Don’t be fooled by her bug eyes- even when she’s flopped out resting or chowing down on her greens, those eyes look like they’re about to jump out. She’s shedding right now (as you can see the growing patch of new fur on her back), but her new fur is growing in nicely. In the meantime, she looks extra extra funny. All her little quirks add up to one adorable bunny.


Autumn isn’t quite as unique looking as her partner, but has a gorgeous silvery coat. She’s the more explorative of the two and usually is the one to initiate adventure time. She’s a sweet girl who takes great care of Amber, grooming her often. Autumn is a little vocal at times when she doesn’t want you in messing around in her cage.


Both girls are pretty timid, but it’s really nice to see what comfort they find in each other. They would do well in a calmer home where their forever family could work on building a strong relationship. They have good litterbox habits and absolutely LOVE their hay.  They enjoy their out time a lot- Autumn binkies often and Amber occasionally joins in as well. They’re also pretty good around furniture and would probably do well free-range.


This pair may be a bit shy, but they’ll work their way into your heart before you know it. Their strong bond and unique appearance make them a joy to watch.