“What ears???”

Becca is one of the Fitchburg bunnies. Since most of these bunnies were never properly socialized in their prior environment, they tend to be a little on the shy and reserved side. Becca is like that too. She may be skittish with you at first, but if you have patience and speak to her soothingly, she will relax and become more inquisitive.

“Those greens were whisker smacking good!”

When she relaxes, you will be treated to a view of those astounding, beautiful ears in “full bloom”. Those wonderful ears, combined with her striking snowshoe hare fur, and long, dark eyelashes, will make a lasting impression for sure!

Becca is thinking of trying out for the Bunny Track Team as a hurdler. Check out her form!

We know that once she finds her forever loving home, hopefully with YOU, she’ll bring a lasting, loving presence with her that will make that home a truly special place!

“Could your house be my new forever loving home? I sure think so!”

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)