Well, we finally got a gate for the back room. The bunnies know they’re not allowed to go in the back room, or at least that they’ll be shooed out pretty quickly. They looked mighty confused when we didn’t immediately shoo them back out the open door to the back room! Then Ben discovered that there was a gate keeping him out of the space behind the tv… and he thumped!

He’s quite the talker. :) And unfortunately, the shedder. We have “replaced” the carpet in our hallway with microplush blankets (which I highly recommend for people use anyway) from walmart. At $20 a blanket for a queen, they’re cheaper than area rugs and Oh so soft. So now our little bunnies sore hocks are going away. And amazingly, it feels better to walk on for humans! Go figure! Cassi has returned to binky city and even Ben has tried some.

Lovebug continues to grow, and soon she’ll be fixed and we’ll begin the integration. I’m looking forward to that, and I think Cassi is too, so that Cassi can have the shelf of the cage back! :)

Check here for some new pics of Ben all flopped over!
And of course, every time I check back with HRN, I fall in love with more bunnies. Ore & Velveteen look so adorable.. I’ve always wanted some mini-rexs!

-HRN Wannabe: Allan-