Special thanks to Janet, Berta’s previous fostermom in West Unity, NH, for her contribution to this blog!

Hi, my name is Berta. My first foster Mom named me after a wonderful man named Albert who rescued me. Albert noticed me running around his yard in the summer along with my mate. We came across the street from the rich side of town. We kept getting bored in our cages so we liked to sneak out now and then. Our owners told Albert that they were tired of trying to catch us all the time and they just didn’t want us anymore. Now we were sad, scared, and on our own. We were just trying to have a little fun since no one ever bothered with us at our home anyway. One day my mate was run over by a car, and he just wouldn’t get up to play with me again. I soon knew I was pregnant too! In a few days my babies were born. I needed help, and I didn’t know how to take care of them. Someone caught one of my babies and I don’t remember what happened to the others. I was horrified now and all alone except for Albert. He watched me every day and put carrots and food outside for me. I would let him get close to me but not too close. It was nice of Albert to let me go in to his sheds all summer; he worried about me every day. Albert wondered where he could take me if he caught me. Now it was early November and started getting cold outside at night. Albert called his Humane Society in St Albans, VT to see if they could help me. They told Albert “No, we are not taking any animals because we are at war with City Hall! We are telling everyone to bring the animals to City Hall and open the door and let them loose!” Well Albert certainly wasn’t going to do that with me. So he called his vet and asked if she knew anyone who would want me. The vet gave Albert a nice lady’s phone number from Shelburne, VT. Then things happened fast! She emailed my first foster Mom and told her all about Albert and me. Then my first foster Mom emailed Suzanne at House Rabbit Network in Massachusetts and asked her if she would take me if Albert caught me! Yippee! Suzanne said yes, so my first foster Mom sent Albert a newsletter called Rabbit Tracks, which talked about ways that Albert could try to catch me. I didn’t realize Albert could be so sneaky. So sure enough, I hopped into a wire cage that had cornstalks all over it, and BANG! The doors slammed down and I was stuck in there with bananas! Next thing I know I am in Albert’s living room in his dog’s crate and he is on the phone telling someone he caught me! So then, I went on this long journey. A lady picked me up and brought me to her house. Then her sister took me all the way to West Lebanon, NH. Help! Why are we stopping in this Burger King parking lot in the dark? Am I doomed? Don’t they eat animals in there? Oh no, here comes another car and now I am going into this one. Oh good, we are leaving Burger King and heading to West Unity now! Well, here I am at my Foster Mom’s home. Look at all these animals in this house! I like my new cage and all my friends in this rabbit room! There are even rabbits in the living room. Oh the poor guinea pigs, they have to move into the bedroom now! They won’t be able to enjoy us all thumping and chewing on the cage bars at night. I like playing in the hall! My foster Dad even puts me on the bed to hop around! They are sooooo nice to give us so much of the house. I suppose they will have to be moving into that big old barn way out back soon where the coyotes hang around. After all, it looks like we are taking over the house. That is so nice of them! Just think that in a few months I will make it to Massachusetts to see Suzanne, and finally look for my forever home. Then I can send happy pictures of me to my first foster Mom and Dad in that old barn in West Unity, so they will see how happy I am now. I’ll also send pictures to Chernobyl, my rabbit friend, who is keeper of the house there now. He still lets my foster Mom and Dad come in from the barn to use the kitchen. He will do anything for them!

Well, now I am living in the Boston area with my new foster parents. They are really nice! They keep telling me how cute I am and that I will be sure to get my own forever loving home real soon. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, if you would like to meet me and see if we are compatible with each other, just give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail them (whatever that is?) at info@rabbitnetwork.org and we can set up a “date”. See you soon! Binkies from Berta :)