Thought you might get a kick out of some of these pictures. I’ve been working on bonding Savannah back in with Scout and Rocky. It is going slowly. Though Savannah and Scout both like Rocky, they tend to nip at him after they get in an arguement with each other so the other day I took him away from them and set him on the couch with Jazz the 65lb boxer boy.

Here is one of them taking a snooz together and another of them just chilling.

Taking a snoozeHanging around

Last night Savannah and Scout were starting to claim areas of the neutral space as their own so we moved to the couch which belongs to Jazz. Here they are together.

Jazz, Scout, Savannah

That was going well so I put Rocky into the mix since he and Jazz are buds also. Here are a few of all four together on the couch.

Jazz trying to be bottom bun.
Bottom Bun

All four hanging out.
All Four

Jazz being amazingly tolerant with Scout on his back!

Ah, I’m such a proud mama. Now if Savannah and Scout would just agree to disagree but not fight about it I’d be so happy. Last night after out happy puppy session, we had our first fight that included a bit of blood. My poor babies.